Everybody Dies

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You're Risking a Doctor's Life!

Back to the dingy room. "I guess we figured out why you're seeing me. Your suicidal friend." House stares.

Wilson in a session with his replacement, telling him how often his patients will contact him. Foreman enters and asks where House is, but Wilson claims he doesn't care. Hey, you can't have a show from House's point of view and then cut away to a scene without House in it. That means this is probably happening at the same time that House is in a burning building, not when House is treating that patient. They agree that House is probably out doing something stupid.

Kutner asks House why he wants to kill himself. House explains that he's going to jail, losing his job and losing his best friend. Kutner asks if that's the sum total of his existence. "Even with your subconscious you're evasive." Kutner tells House that death is the opposite of a cool puzzle. But House doesn't find life interesting anymore. Just then! CTB appears! Hey, I just saw her in a slow-motion bus accident in the wrap-up show! House sullenly asks to have Kutner back, but I guess Kal Penn's done. Thanks for coming in, Kal! CTB asks what happened with the patient. House asks why, and she says that the fact that House and House's subconscious are obsessing about it must mean it's relevant to him sitting in a burning building.

BEEP BEEP BEEP! The team is gathered around the patient! House blandly injects the patient with something, and he counts down five seconds until the patient freaks out at them. CTB laughs at this story because House is lying to her, even though she's his unconscious. We see that House actually sat by the patient's bedside. The patient wakes and tells him he's not going to stop doing drugs. He says he's not miserable ever since he got some heroin, which is better than painkillers. House looks quite affected by the description of how awesome it is to take heroin. (KIDS: Don't take heroin!)

Dingy Room. House tells CTB that the patient is happy.

House is still in the patient's room, taking a hit off the oxygen mask. Foreman comes in and yells at him about House passing off all his cases after Foreman promised the parole board he was needed. House doesn't care, since Foreman was already essentially perjuring himself. So why not make it real perjury, right? Man, what a jerk. Foreman asks why he's destroying himself. House tells Foreman there's no risk, because he knows Foreman will lie for him. Foreman says, "No."

Dingy room. House, CTB and a corpse. House says, "He's happy." CTB says, "He's dead."

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