Failure To Communicate

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Failure To Scintillate

House gets back on the line and says that Fletch didn't want to reveal the truth about his mental problems because it would bring the veracity of every single story he had ever reported into doubt. Being a known alcoholic and druggie, though, apparently would not, so he went with that. Until he met Wifey and fell in love so hard that he was willing to change everything about himself to keep her. And here Stacy and House exchange meaningful glances or whatever and who cares. So Fletch secretly traveled down to South America for an experimental surgery that's supposed to help mood disorders. The only trace of it is that scar they saw on the MRI. And that's when Cuddy and Wifey enter the room, just in time to hear all about how Fletch kept the surgery and his problems hidden from his wife. About five minutes later, Cameron tells House to "shut up," but the damage is done. Wifey is sad and angry that Fletch's doctors know Fletch better than she does. Fletch is very sad to have been found out. "You love me. You just don't trust me," Wifey tells him.

A visual examination of Fletch's blood shows that he has cerebral malaria. This was obvious all along, but since they ran all of Fletch's tests through a computer instead of looking at them manually, they didn't catch it. I guess that's why House makes them run their own tests. "Price of the electronic age," Cameron says. And of Foreman being in charge, I think. Foreman seems to think it, too.

Greta visits Fletch, who's very upset at the lack of wife. "Give her time to miss you," she tells him.

Back in Baltimore, House has been rightly placed on the "No-Fly" list, so he's stuck there until Stacy can work her lawyer magic and get him off of it. Even if she does, though, he's still on the "No-Airport" list, thanks to his hijinks with the lipstick, so it's not going to do him much good. Fortunately, this should effectively prevent another stupid episode about House and Stacy being stranded at an airport in the future. House says that his patient's chances of recovery are good, but that he's not sure about Fletch's marriage. Maybe, he says, they will work it out because they both "want it so much." Fletch loved Wifey so much that he thought he could change for her, but in the end, he couldn't. Neither can House or Stacy. "You know what Woody Allen said about relationships," Stacy says. "'Stick with one woman until your stepdaughter starts puberty, and then stick with her.'" Also, something about curry. Stacy gets on her flight. House is somehow allowed to be at the gate even though he's a security risk.

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