Failure To Communicate

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Failure To Scintillate

In an unwelcome show of continuity, Foreman's still in Asshole Supervisor mode, his labcoat nowhere to be seen and his feet kicked up on the desk. Cuddy walks in for a surprise visit, and Foreman immediately straightens up and tries to look like he wasn't just totally acting like House (except for the 'being able to put both legs up on the desk' part). Cuddy needs a referral to the best diagnostic department in the area that isn't PPTH, since House is off in Baltimore (the Baltimore in Siberia if those ads about House being "thousands of miles away" are to be believed), and Cuddy doesn't have any faith in his underlings. Foreman bristles at this -- as well he should, since Cuddy is being really insulting here -- but lists off some names for her before he goes blind from being subjected to the ugliness that is Cuddy's latest poor shirt decision: a fuchsia-colored mock turtleneck sweater with a flower growing out of it just above Cuddy's right boob. It's so ugly that even weeds won't touch it, allowing the flower to bloom in all its tacky glory. Why does Lisa Edelstein's wardrobe only come in either Prim 'N Proper Puritan or Plunging Neckline That's Probably Not Appropriate For An Office Environment? Isn't there a happy medium somewhere? And maybe we can stop with the bright fuchsia, too. When Foreman finds out that the patient has a neurological problem resulting from a fall, he's even more offended that Cuddy doesn't think he can handle the job, and tells her to call his referrals herself in case he says something "stupid," like any doctor in the county or even the state would be surprised and offended by anything someone in House's office said to him. Somehow, this convinces Cuddy just to give Foreman the case. He grins in self-satisfaction.

Chase gives Fletch an exam, uselessly asking him questions that Fletch can't answer unless "they displaced my function" is Thrill-Seeking Reporterese for "stop shining that light in my eye." Wifey tries to supply the answers for him, saying that her husband has been clean and sober for a year now, which we all know will prove to be untrue because no one on this show ever has a functional and open relationship with anyone else. Fletch is still confused as to why he's getting all this medical attention, since apparently no one has clued him in about anything yet, despite his being at PPTH for quite a while. Foreman explains to Wifey that her husband has aphasia, meaning that while he thinks he's speaking normally, his brain is giving him the wrong words to say. "Tans or glisten!" Fletch says, still not understanding that there's anything wrong with him. Or maybe he suddenly cured himself and is asking for a trip to the nearest tanning salon to fix his pasty complexion. Foreman gives Fletch a pad to write his name and draw a picture on. Fletch laughs at how easy the assignment is until he realizes that he can't do it. He also has agraphia, the written version of aphasia, meaning that he's pretty much screwed, communication-wise. How convenient for the episode title. Foreman figures out that Fletch can, with some effort, answer yes or no questions, which doesn't really make sense to me. If he can say yes or no, shouldn't he be able to say other things, too? Greta runs in to tell the Cottages what she believes is the "right story" -- Fletch didn't get the aphasia from tripping and knocking head on a desk; he collapsed "out of the blue."

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