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The Yips

Cuddy's leading Nick out of the clean room when Foreman rushes up and tells them to get him back in there; he's figured out what's wrong with Matty. He has histoplasmosis, a fungal infection from the chicken shit that he came into contact with when he was making a pitcher's mound in the backyard. You see, the neighborhood that Matty and Nick live in used to be a farm, as apparently indicated by the water pump. I guess we didn't see the sign on it that said "SPECIAL FARMER WATER PUMP FOR FARMS." The dirt Matty dug through was probably where a chicken coop used to be. And the fungus lived forever in there, waiting to be unearthed so it could kill some innocent child in an unfortunate series of events. Wow, even chicken shit hates Matty. Foreman says they can now treat Matty and he'll be fine. No one cares about Matty, though, and the parents immediately ask if they can clean Matty's marrow in time to give it to Nick. Cuddy has to tell them that the infection is attacking Matty's marrow, so there's no way Matty will have enough in him marrow in time to save Nick. Stupid dirty New Jersey. Honestly, between that cat lady who got poisoned from ancient shared pipes and Matty almost dying from old farm crap, I'm starting to think the homes of New Jersey are just full of secret hidden deathtraps.

Foreman treats Matty, who's all alone because his parents are with Nick. Foreman has a plan, though. He asks Matty if he's willing to risk his life for Nick the way Nick was going to for him. Of course, Matty says yes. Foreman says that he can't sedate Matty because he's "too sick," although not too sick enough to have his bone marrow removed in the first place. Foreman ties Matty down, and Matty's face of horror is pretty spot-on. If your doctor is tying you down before a procedure, you know things are going to be rough. Foreman sticks the giant-ass needle into Matty's leg bone and starts sucking out the marrow. Matty screams in pain and begs Foreman to stop, but Foreman says he's going to need "a lot more" from as many of Matty's bones as he can get. Oh my god. Even Liz Friedman, the writer of this episode, hates Matty.

Wilson reports to House's office and says that, magically, both Matty and Nick are recovering. I'm surprised Wilson didn't ride in on a unicorn to deliver such miraculous news. He's pretty sure that the parents are fine with Foreman torturing Matty since they hate Matty and want him to suffer and now they have their precious Nick back, too! House seems pleased with Foreman, and Wilson thinks House should tell Foreman that. House will not. He says Foreman's an adult and doesn't need the praise. Wilson asks if Hector's been murdered yet. House says he hasn't, and we see that Hector is in the office. Chewing on Wilson's microscope. Which I'm sure he just happened to find. Wilson says that Bonnie was able to stage a coup at her condo's homeowners' association meeting, and pets are now allowed in her complex. I am very angry that we had to see a child getting tortured instead of seeing that coup. House now has a chance to get rid of Hector, who is nursing a sore leg. "Accidents happen," House explains. How do you even continue speaking to a man who harms a seventeen-year-old dog? But Wilson does, because he's a sucker. House tosses Hector a Vicodin, and Wilson leaves with the dog. House heads out into the hall and watches them leave. Amazingly, they got the dog to turn his head and look back at House and...emote, almost. And even after that, I can't believe House doesn't call out to Wilson and get Hector back. Boooo!

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