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The Yips

Anyway, Foreman decides to be a doctor again and tells House to stop wasting time talking about a dog and start testing Matty for everything they can. House says that their patient isn't sick enough yet for them to be able to do that; he doesn't have enough germs to show up on the tests, and he isn't sick enough for them to get an idea of what's wrong with him so they can figure out which tests to do. House figures that their only choice if they want to figure out what's wrong with and cure Matty in time to save his brother is to make him sicker. Well, I am impressed -- it usually takes this show a good thirty minutes before we hit the "make you sicker to make you better" mark, but this time it's only been like five minutes. Foreman doesn't think intentionally making a child sick is a good idea, and would rather check Matty's house for "sources of infection," which he says is a "safer choice." Not if he gets caught breaking into Matty's house, it isn't! But Foreman's all about safety now that it's too late for Lupe. Much to Cameron and Chase's apparent surprise, House grants Foreman's wish to check the house.

Wilson goes to get Matty's parents' consent, explaining that they'll be removing Matty's white blood cells and doing other unpleasant things to weaken his immune system and make him sicker. House makes his usual asshole comments, but it somehow works. Better than Wilson's wishy-washy "this is your family, it needs to be your decision" crap does, anyway.

And House disapproves of Wilson's behavior as soon as they leave the parents. House thinks that Wilson should order his patients and their families around and twist their arms into agreeing to the decision he feels is correct. Wilson says that his patients are with him for a lot longer than House's, so they need to trust him. You mean like they trusted Wilson to destroy Nick's immune system? Yeah, that's worked out well so far. House only thinks getting a patient's trust is useful if you can use it to order him around and twist his arm into agreeing to the decision you feel is correct.

Foreman and Chase check out Matty and Nick's backyard. Chase obviously doesn't think this is doing any good, so he steps up on Matty's makeshift pitcher's mound and starts throwing baseballs at a backstop while he asks Foreman how he's doing with the whole dead-patient thing. Foreman says that Lupe's grandparents weren't "close" to her, so it's unlikely that there will be a lawsuit. Lupe's grandparents may not have been close to Lupe, but I'd bet they're well-acquainted with money and getting a lot of it, so don't be so sure about that, Foreman. Chase says that's good for Foreman because it should make it easier for him to put it all behind him. Foreman asks if Chase has put his dead patient behind him yet. "No," Chase says softly, tossing a baseball to Foreman. But Foreman's too troubled about the fact that he can't remember what Lupe was wearing when she was admitted to throw it. I remember one thing she was wearing -- the BRA OF DEATH DEATH DEAAATH. What's Victoria's Secret? Staphylococcus aureus. Foreman doesn't think he should be able to forget Lupe that easily. Maybe inappropriate forgetfulness runs in his family. Chase says that he only wishes he could forget his mistake. Foreman says that Chase's mistake was an understandable human error; Foreman's was a calculated decision. "I acted like...House," he says. And then he throws the baseball like a girl, not even hitting the backstop. When an Australian with pretty blond hair can throw a baseball better than you, Foreman, you know you're troubled. Chase and Foreman go back to checking the yard out. While Foreman wonders whether there are toxins in the dirt of the pitcher's mound, Chase finds a random water pump behind some bushes. I know I'm often finding old water pumps in strange places, so that's not unusual whatsoever.

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