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The Yips

Sure enough, they find an infectious growth in Matty's heart. Cameron says that it'll take a month of antibiotics to clear it up. Nick doesn't have nearly that long.

But House is pleased with this new bit of news, as he figures they can just remove Matty's infected mitral valve, grab his bone marrow, and "marinate" it in the appropriate antibiotics, and then it'll be all ready to go for Nick. When Wilson entertains the suggestion of performing unnecessary open-heart surgery on a child, Foreman announces his intention to tell on House to Cuddy. House tells him to go right ahead. I'm surprised that Cameron isn't already there.

Wilson and Foreman go before Cuddy and argue their case while House sits on a couch and reads magazines. Foreman doesn't think they're acting in Matty's best interests, while Wilson thinks that saving Nick is more important than that, because no one likes Matty and they all love Nick. Cuddy stupidly asks House if he has anything to add to the discussion, so he says, "Wilson's right, Foreman's wrong, and your shirt is way too revealing for the office." Although really, considering some other shirts she's worn, this one isn't too bad. I think the root of the problem lies in the magazine House is perusing: Sewing Notions. Maybe Cuddy sews all her shirts herself, but she either isn't a very good or patient seamstress so she always ends up with those half-shirts and half-blazers that are way too tight. Cuddy asks Foreman what he thinks they should do, and he says they should have Child Services appoint a guardian who can act in Matty's best interests without the conflict of interest his parents have. "No," Cuddy immediately says. She tells Wilson to ask the parents what they want to do and not let House bully them into a certain decision. Yeah, right. Foreman and Wilson leave, and Cuddy asks House why he wasted her time with this exercise when he must have known she would turn down Foreman's suggestion, because even Cuddy apparently hates Matty. House says he's trying to cut Foreman "some slack." Cuddy is surprised by this apparent kindness from House. He says he thinks Foreman has a case of the "yips," which I've heard of in reference to golfing. You make one mistake, miss one easy putt, and then you can't sink any easy putts because you've psyched yourself out and your arm will actually jerk while you're putting and make you miss the shot. You suck for years until you only get better because there's nothing left to lose. Obviously, you can't afford to get that bad if you're in the business of saving people's lives. House is generously going to give Foreman four days to recover. After that, "he's fired."

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