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Murphy Down
didn't spend nearly this much time on Chase and Cameron's entire relationship, and they were both original cast members. Taub somehow got Foreman to agree to help him move, which is very uncharacteristic considering that Foreman is probably the most selfish person on a show filled with selfish characters. Almost Ex Mrs. Taub drops by to talk to Taub, leaving Foreman with basically all the moving work to do by himself. The non-couple head for Taub's bedroom, and he calls her "Rach" and tries to hold her hand like he wasn't the one who asked for this divorce in the first place. She's quick to pull away and say she doesn't want to talk about getting back together because they both need to move on. It seems that she already has, although she won't tell Taub any details. Ha! Go, Rachel! I knew she could do better. She says she's here to help Taub out with his money situation, as he's apparently having money problems again. How is he having money problems and she isn't? They aren't divorced yet, so unless she socked a bunch of money away in a hidden separate bank account she should be struggling just as much as he is, right? Or maybe he's just anticipating the alimony payments. Anyway, she got Taub a gig as a medical consultant on lawsuits for her brother's firm. Taub doesn't know if that's such a good idea, since the last time he saw the brother, it was five years ago and Jamie, having just found out that Taub was cheating on his sister, broke Taub's nose. Wait, Mrs. Taub knew about Taub's tendency to cheat on her before he confessed to sleeping with the nurse that got him kicked out of his plastic surgery practice and sent him to PPTH in the first place? Because originally it seemed to me like Mrs. Taub had no idea that he was a cheater and he left plastic surgery and became a Cottage to keep it that way.

House has been summoned to Murphy's room by a barrage of emails, texts, and phone calls. He informs her that one message would have been enough, but she says apparently not, since even though she sent him all those messages, it still took him longer than she'd like to report to her room. House really wants to bite her head off, but instead settles on saying "it's a crazy mystery. It's not like I have a department to run" and leaves it at that. Murphy wisely drops it and says her Macbook Air and WebMD tell her that House's lead poisoning diagnosis is wrong, since it doesn't explain all of her symptoms. I would say it's wrong because it was made based solely on a vial of Mexican folk remedy, but whatever. House says the only symptoms that lead poisoning doesn't cover are the ones that are figments of Murphy's imagination. Murphy denies being a hypochondriac, then suddenly points out her trembling hand and how it must be a side effect from her arthritis pills, as is listed on the label. Ah, but this is a trap! It turns out that both the label and the pills are fake, and House is now certain that most of Murphy's symptoms are all in her head. This still doesn't prove to Murphy that she's a hypochondriac, but it does get him kicked off her case, which is a good consolation prize.

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