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Murphy Down
He says her desire to tell Murphy the truth even with her med school career on the line is "kind of impressive." Martha doesn't believe him. She's right. House says the truth is that he thinks Martha will protect him from doing something that will force Cuddy to protect him and thus get everyone fired. Um, I think that's what he said. Due to the fact that there's only like 30 seconds left in the show, he kind of had to spit it all out pretty quickly. Martha should really tell House and Cuddy to take this job and shove it, but she doesn't. Apparently, like Cuddy with her mother, Martha would rather take House's abuse than confront him about it.

Oh, and speaking of Cuddy and her mother, let's check in on their relationship, shall we? Because it's very important to me to get closure on the relationship between a horrible woman who doesn't appreciate her own daughter and has been nothing but nasty to her for two episodes and a woman who can't manage a hospital or a relationship to save her life. Murphy is out of surgery and recovering. She has her Macbook Air out again and is looking up cobalt poisoning symptoms, many of which coincide with all of those symptoms she complained about over the last fifteen years that House dismissed as hypochondria. Meanwhile, wasn't Cuddy her doctor all that time? And she also apparently dismissed her mother's complaints, allowing her to get sicker and sicker and nearly die. Why does Murphy trust her to be her doctor again? Also, this still doesn't explain why Murphy flipped out at that museum luncheon. She grabs her daughter's hand and holds it, as if that makes up for anything.

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