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Fatal Disposition

While House stubbornly scowls in the corner and makes paper airplanes, Cuddy makes the Cottages go through any and all options that will save the baby-fetus's life. They don't have any, and don't look thrilled to be asked for them. Except for Cameron, who eventually who goes with Cuddy's idea that the liver stuff is unrelated to the mirror syndrome, which they fixed with the bladder, and suggests Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy. Chase follows this with a few more suggestions, and House accuses him of sticking up for his girlfriend. Chase and Cameron roll their eyes, and Foreman senses that House isn't joking. He looks a little disgusted with Cameron. House tells him to "be patient": "She's going through all of us. She'll get that jungle fever eventually." I'd be slightly annoyed at House's racism if he wasn't so right about Cameron, even though she denies this, saying she isn't "going through anyone," although...the evidence does suggest otherwise, Cameron. You made your bed, now lie in it with one-third of the opening-credits cast members. House asks Cameron if she loves Chase, which wakes Chase right up. At this point, Cuddy reminds the room that Emma has a day to live that shouldn't be wasted with petty office gossip. She demands a liver biopsy, but Foreman says that they can't do it with Emma's platelet count so low. But Cuddy won't be stopped! She says that they can get the biopsy by going through the veins in Emma's neck down to the hepatic vein. That way, if there's any bleeding, it'll be right back into Emma's veins, like backwash. That sounds totally healthy! The Cottages go off to do this, and House throws his paper airplane at Cuddy. She sends him on his vacation. House is gone? Hope you had a good life, Emma, 'cause it's OVER!

Instead of waiting until after the biopsy to gossip, Foreman gossips about Cameron with Chase during the biopsy. He figures out that Cameron was actually telling the truth about them having sex in the sleep lab. Chase shrugs it off, saying that Cameron is only with him to make House jealous. Foreman asks why Chase is doing it, then. Chase just says, "You kidding?" and Foreman warns him not to hurt Cameron. Chase says that Cameron already has a big brother, which Foreman didn't even know about, since he doesn't care about Cameron; he cares about himself and his job and how it will be if they have to deal with a "heartbroken lovesick Cameron," who would be even "more unbearable" than Original Recipe Cameron. I love you, Foreman. At this point, the monitors go off and Emma goes into preterm labor.

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