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Fatal Disposition

The next morning, Cuddy goes to Wilson and says that everyone was right and she was wrong. Emma is dying. Although somehow, she isn't dead yet, even though her lungs are now on their way out, along with her liver and kidneys. Wilson asks Cuddy whether she's spoken to Emma's family. Of course, Emma doesn't have any family, or else we would have seen them fighting like hell to kill the baby-fetus and save Emma, like, fifteen minutes ago. Where's that neurologist friend of hers? What an asshole! Cuddy asks Wilson to advise her as if she were House. He says he can't, because House would be objective about this patient and Cuddy is not. Cuddy somehow takes this to mean that now that Emma's lungs are on a respirator, Cuddy can "do whatever [she wants] to her lungs." Cuddy also tries to come up with her very own House metaphor, saying that she's already played catch in the living room and broken her mom's vase, so she might as well keep playing catch. Okay, Cuddy, but what about the Jews? She rushes off to keep giving Emma the steroids so that the baby-fetus's lungs can develop.

And they do, as Cuddy rushes to House's apartment to report to him. Now that he's the Cuddy, he gets to try to close the door in her face, but now that Cuddy is House, she sticks her hand in the door and keeps it open. She says that she has a "whole new appreciation" for what House does in the face of a bunch of people who are saying he's wrong. House says that Cuddy is not objective: "But you're not an idiot." That's a startling admission. House takes the film of the baby-fetus's lungs and has two diagnoses for them that I am not even going to try to spell. He hands the film back to Cuddy and suddenly slams the door in her face. She's horrified for a minute, but then the door opens again with House in his jacket, hooray!

House returns to work and says that he's skipping his vacation to "save [their] boss's rotundous ass." Is that even a word? It should be. He shows the films to the Cottages and asks for suggestions of how they can get a diagnosis without being able to see inside the baby-fetus's lungs. It's Chase who suggests doing an exploratory surgery, saying that's what they'd do if the baby-fetus were a person and they had no other options. "I'll put it back when I'm done," House reassures Cuddy.

House and Cuddy report to Emma's room and tell her about the open-fetal surgery they want to try. Cuddy tells Emma that the umbilical cord won't be cut, allowing Emma's body to serve as the baby-fetus's "heart-lung machine" while they try to find what's wrong with it, fix it, and put it back -- "if we can," Cuddy adds, actually being realistic with Emma for the first time. Cuddy says that the procedure is extremely dangerous and risks both the baby-fetus's and Emma's lives. But it's the only thing they can do besides kill the baby-fetus. House shows Emma a 3D ultrasound of her evil killer baby-fetus and she consents to the surgery.

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