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Fatal Disposition

Cuddy catches House on his way out of work. She gives him an envelope. He opens it and finds a first-class ticket to Vancouver Island. Cuddy jokes that she gave him the wrong envelope, and gets all flirty and cute. She tells him that she thinks it's great that he's trying to get out and go on vacation and be involved in life. House thinks she's trying to apologize for "screwing up." "I saved a life. I saved two lives," Cuddy brags. No, House says, she let her maternal instincts take over her objectivity and almost killed two people. Well, at least he's admitting that she has maternal instincts this time. House says that 9.9 times out of 10, what Cuddy did would've killed Emma and the baby. Cuddy says that in this case, 0.1 was bigger than 9.9. At least, it was for Emma and her baby. Cuddy orders House to go on vacation and "be happy."

Instead, House goes to his apartment, tears up the Vancouver Island tickets, and watches the Travel Channel. I guess all that big talk of an exotic vacation was just big talk. Oh, but he does take a second to look at his baby-fetus-touched finger and wonder if he should bump Alien up on his Netflix queue.

And then, a few months later, Emma puts pictures on the wall of her wonderful time at PPTH. There's Foreman doing an ultrasound. There's Cameron out of focus in Emma's face while Chase watches her longingly. And there's Cuddy joyously wheeling Emma into the delivery room for real this time. There are no pictures of House on the wall. Ha ha ha! Baby killer. Emma goes over to a bassinet and takes her baby out, who we see is totally deformed with all kinds of development problems thanks to the surgery and steroids and being in the womb of someone with multiple organ failure. Just kidding! The baby looks totally healthy and happy. Which might not be the most realistic of endings, but it is a happy one, so I'll take it.

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