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Fatal Disposition

Somehow, Emma survives and is in fine form when House comes calling after the credits. She is surrounded by flowers and tinkering with her camera when he starts by dissing her job ("I don't get what's so hard about making Scarlett Johansson look pretty") and saying that he's only there because Cuddy told him to go treat the very important patient. I'm sure all the not-important PPTH patients really appreciate this. Our sassy patient fires back that if being a photographer is so easy, House should try it and make tons of money, as if being a doctor paid nothing when we all know it's the best job to get in the board game of Life (along with lawyer). House takes a seat on the Emma's bed and says that even though another doctor said that she and the fetus are fine now that the stroke-causing clot is clear, that doctor is an "idiot," and there are still fifty-two minutes of show to go, so, sorry, lady, but it's going to get worse before it gets better. While House checks out the insides of Emma's eyeballs, she says that being a good photographer means getting pictures of what's really inside her subjects, even if her subjects are incredibly shallow famous people with nothing inside them. As long as she isn't pulling a David LaChapelle and throwing a bunch of horrid colors together in a mishmash of tacky garbage that's supposed to be "surreal," that's fine. House says that Emma's eyes are gorgeous (in a nice close-up of his eyes, which are truly gorgeous), and then adds that she has microaneurysms in her blood vessels, which will mean more strokes unless House can figure out what's causing them. He also notes some residual weakness in her cheeks and asks her how she was able to diagnose her own stroke. She says that her baby's sperm donor is a neurologist friend of hers who House no doubt thinks is an idiot. He says that he'll be sending his Cottages in to take some blood for tests as Emma picks up her camera and starts taking candid pictures of House, which is super-annoying. He responds with a glare, and holds up her catheter bag, which is full of blood. He asks her if she really wants to celebrate this moment of her life. Which is kind of cruel, but then again, it's her own fault for taking his picture without asking.

We cut to the Cottages intensely studying a picture. It's not a picture of Emma's insides, but one of the pictures she took of House right when he noticed that she was peeing blood. They're amazed at the expression on House's face. "He's caring," Cameron says in her most Pollyanna of voices. House enters the lab and rips the picture away from them (Wilson called dibs on it already, I'm sure. Sorry, Cameron!) and asks for info on their patient. The info is that her kidneys are shutting down. Of course, there is no follow-up info as to why this is happening. House asks them if they've ever gone to the Galapagos Islands. Foreman responds with a short list of diseases one could catch there, but House isn't asking for his patient -- he's planning a vacation there. Chase hopefully asks if they'll be getting vacations as well, but House's answer is not encouraging. Cameron asks House why he's going to such a remote location, to which he replies his uncle is a giant turtle, i.e. shut up, Cameron.

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