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Fatal Disposition

And then Cameron actually starts talking about their patient and not badgering House with questions and theories as to why he wants to go somewhere so far away for his vacation and what he's escaping from. Cameron thinks that the kidneys are the real problem, and that they threw the clot that caused Emma's stroke. And since the symptoms of kidney failure could be mistaken for morning sickness, it's a good guess. But House has already decided that Emma's heart is the clot-throwing, kidney-failing culprit. He notes that Emma's had six cases of strep throat recently, all of which he assumes she didn't adequately treat with antibiotics: "No one takes them all. They stop when they start feeling better." Maybe you do, House, but I always take all of my antibiotics. Of course, I only learned this lesson after I stopped taking them when I started feeling better and then got sick again and my doctor yelled at me, so now I take everything. Because you know what sucks more than getting sick? Getting sick, then getting better, and then getting sick AGAIN. Emma sucks for letting that happen to her five times without learning her lesson. Anyway, untreated strep leads to rheumatic fever (in like, the 19th century. I thought we were past that nowadays), which leads to mitral valve stenosis, a.k.a. a clot-throwing heart.

Chase and Cameron are assigned to monitor Emma's MRI of DOOOM. Aside from yelling at Emma to stop moving around, Cameron pays little attention to her patient, instead preferring to chat with Chase about House's reaction after finding them in the closet. Or rather, House's lack of reaction. Because Cameron is most disappointed that House was acting perfectly normal as if nothing happened. She wonders if House is going on vacation because of them. "Yes. The pain of losing you is obviously forcing him away," Chase says sarcastically, directing her attention toward the scans of their patient's heart. But Cameron won't be distracted by something as insignificant as a patient, and wonders if House caught them together on purpose, seeing as the only time he's ever thrown anything away was the time it allowed him to catch them in the janitor's closet together. Chase suggests that Cameron wanted House to know, and now that he does, she's upset that he doesn't seem to care. And then Chase finds the mitral valve stenosis they were looking for, although Cameron doesn't think it looks serious enough to have done so much damage. She wonders if perhaps Emma found out that she and Chase hooked up and that was what caused her stroke instead.

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