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Anyway, we aren't through with Cameron yet. She finds House chilling in the hyperbaric chamber PPTH just happens to have handy, and angrily raps on the window. They then communicate via a ridiculously old-fashioned phone. I didn't know those things had phones! The only episode of Baywach I've ever seen was the one were Mitch sucked at diving and got the bends and then everyone gathered around him in the hyperbaric chamber and talked about stuff. Even that bald guy with the moustache who had no business being on a show about hot lifeguards was there. And none of them used a phone! None of them yelled at Mitch like Cameron is yelling at House, either. She says that her private life is her private life and not to be shared with Cuddy. House points out that if she wanted it to be so private, she shouldn't do it at work. Duh. "She told me to end it, is that what you want?" Cameron asks, so hopefully. House doesn't care, and says he's spending time in the hyperbaric chamber to prepare for his latest trip to some really high mountain in Argentina. He says that a tribe of Indians have a tradition of carrying their elders up the mountain, so his leg won't be a problem. Or House can do what my grandpa did when he did some hiking in South America, which was drink a special tea laced with the stuff they make cocaine out of, and then practically sprint up Maccu Pichu and the surrounding hills. House says that he's planning to set the chamber to low pressure and build up more red blood cells so that he'll be able to stand the high altitudes just fine. But will he be able to stand the high horse Cameron's always on?

Cuddy takes time out of her apparently not very busy schedule to tell Emma what's going on with her baby-fetus. Emma asks if they can fix the bladder, and Cuddy goes all out of focus for a second before saying that they can. What the hell, House directors? Is it really that hard to focus a camera? I mean, I guess it's cool if you're trying to make this, like, your show's special trademark style, but I wish I could get through one episode without thinking that something has gone wrong with my eyes and looking up the phone number for my optometrist. Cuddy cheerfully reports that they'll stick a tube in the baby-fetus that will make the urine come out of its belly for the rest of her pregnancy, which will allow its internal organs to grow again. After giving Emma all that hope, Cuddy says that they just need to make sure the baby-fetus's kidneys haven't been too damaged, or else there's nothing they can do for it, and adds, "If this doesn't work out, you can always try again." Wow, so that's probably the worst thing you can say to a pregnant woman. I mean, I've had pet fish die and been pissed off when someone suggested that they would be easy to replace. I can't believe Emma doesn't physically assault Cuddy for a comment like that; she just says that she miscarried twice and tried in-vitro, unsuccessfully, four times. And at forty-two years old, if this baby doesn't work out, then there won't be any more attempts for Emma. So fucking can it already, Cuddy. Christ.

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