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Low Fidelity

Chase tells the approaching House and Cameron that Elyce's fever spiked. She's dying. The three enter her room, where Foreman greets them with a sad head shake. Chase says there's no point continuing to give Elyce medicine that is destroying her heart. Cameron says that hearts can be replaced. Yes, and these certainly are perfect conditions for heart-transplant surgery. You really want your patient to be half-dead, her bloodstream surging with plastic-melting arsenic derivative, when you perform such a risky and complicated procedure. Ed enters the room and asks what's going on. House tells him that Elyce's condition hasn't improved; it's getting worse. Ed walks over to Elyce's bedside and whisper-sobs a "please don't die" before dropping his head. The camera tracks back to the vitals monitor, which show a sudden improvement. And then Elyce's left hand -- the one with the wedding ring that probably should have been removed with the rest of Elyce's personal effects -- raises and pats Ed on the head. He's startled at the touch, then really happy. The Cottages rush over to tend to Elyce, leaving House standing by himself, irritated at the God that allows such cheesiness to occur. He limps away before Elyce can regain the power of speech and start annoying him.

After an especially long overhead view of the hospital, just in case you forgot where almost every scene of this show takes place, we return to Elyce's room. Cameron and Foreman watch from outside as Ed hovers over his wife. Foreman says that Elyce will be okay. "Yeah, sure," Cameron says. Back in the room, we see Ed grab a suitcase and leave the room. Elyce cries. She lived through African sleeping sickness and all she got was this lousy divorce.

Cameron follows Ed down the hall and tells him he's lucky that his wife is alive and loves him. Ed doesn't think his wife loves him all that much, and he doesn't care how many times Cameron -- who, again, barely knows either of them -- says she does.

House comes to see his crying patient. He says he needs to know whom she had the affair with so that he can get the necessary treatment. And he wants to know why Elyce lied to her doctors, knowing her life was at stake. And not only her life, I'd like to point out, but also the life of the man she cheated on Ed with and possibly Ed himself, since they were having unprotected sex while they tried to have a baby. All Elyce can do is wallow in her own self-pity about her husband leaving her. House says you pay a price when you make a mistake. Sometimes, it's herpes. This time, it was African sleeping sickness. Hard luck, Elyce.

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