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Low Fidelity

A few hours later, House and the other Cottages have reported to work. They follow him down the hallway as he says that Elyce's reaction to the rabbit-fever treatment means that she does not have rabbit fever. Which means she's got African sleeping sickness. Foreman says that they have no explanation for how this happened, since he made it very clear to the husband that if he lied about sleeping around, his wife would die. Even House has to admit it's unlikely that the patient or her husband would LIE in these circumstances. "Go away," he tells the Cottages. The Cottages just stand there. No wonder House hates them so much; I'd be pissed if I told people to go away and they just stared at me without moving.

Now that Elyce is safely in her coma, House can go see her and not have to worry about her attempting to engage him in pesky human interactions. Unfortunately, Ed is also in the room, and he wants to know why House is playing around with his wife's arms. House says he's checking for some thing that happens to people's arms when they have African sleeping sickness, because that is what Elyce has. Ed says that he didn't have an affair. "I believe you," House says. But he doesn't believe Elyce. Ed asks why Elyce would LIE if it meant she could die. House says that people LIE for all kinds of reasons. He needs Ed's written consent to prescribe the treatment for sleeping sickness because it's so dangerous. So, if Ed thinks there's even the tiniest chance that his wife made a mistake during their marriage, he should sign the consent form. If she does have the sleeping sickness, she'll be dead by tomorrow morning without treatment. So how much does Ed trust his wife? "I don't know," Ed Camerons. House takes that as a consent. And all this time, I bet you thought Ed was the cheater. I know I did.

Foreman and Chase prepare to give Elyce her deadly-ass medicine, which we learn is made from arsenic. It comes in glass syringes with special IV tubing because IT MELTS PLASTIC. I have to wonder how the hell the medicine was created. Who took a look at this liquid that MELTS PLASTIC and thought it would be a good thing to shoot into humans? I guess the field of African sleeping sickness medicine has its own Dr. House. Chase adds that the treatment "hurts like all hell." Yes, well, I'd imagine that something that MELTS PLASTIC would do that. But is it worse than a Tetanus booster? Because I'll tell you, my arm was owies for a week after that thing. ["Word. Sometimes I still have phantom twinges." -- Wing Chun] Chase shoots Elyce up, and we get a CGI look at the drug as it enters Elyce's bloodstream and destroys everything in its path.

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