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House The Magician

But wait! We cut to a judge's chambers, where House argues that Alice's father is "willing to see reason," a.k.a., the judge says, "slavishly deferring to [House]." I think that judge has watched a few episodes of this show before. Mother says she just wants to get a second opinion, but House insists that Alice "might die" before this happens. There is no time! The Judge asks Cuddy -- who we suddenly see is standing in the back of the room watching this, muttering silent prayers that the only doctor she has who isn't too scared to practice medicine doesn't get thrown in jail for contempt of court -- what she thinks of House. Cuddy says that House is a jerk. A jerk who knows what he's doing.

Some court-ordered surgery happens.

In recovery, Alice's "skin hurts." Bitter Mom asks Foreman to take a look. Victorious Father thinks she's just looking for surgery complications. Bitter Mom sarcastically says that she hopes Alice dies so that her opinion will be vindicated. May not want to say that in front of your little girl, there, Mom. Little kids aren't the best sarcasm detectors, especially when they're recovering from surgery and all doped up on painkillers. Actually, Alice doesn't seem to be very dopey at all. I wonder if House stole her pain meds. I wouldn't put it past him at this point. Foreman calls the parents' attention to a nasty rash on Alice's belly. This shuts them up.

After the commercial, no one cares about Alice anymore. Instead, the Cottages are all on their cell phones, desperately trying to find out if/why their bank accounts have been frozen. House tries to get them back onto the case, and even grabs Foreman's phone and hangs up on his lawyer. Foreman yells at House to talk to Shitter and "make this go away." Chase ass-kisses that Shitter is obviously completely unreasonable and won't be talked to. House thinks the gallstones were caused by a bacterial infection, which then spread when they did the surgery and caused the skin rash. So, great plan cutting that girl open, there, House. Cameron snaps that she thinks the girl just had an allergic reaction, and then gets back on her phone and very kindly addresses the bank person on the other end: "Thank you for your help." Her accounts have been frozen, too. Chase's remain open, so he runs out to get as much money out of it as possible, something they probably all should have done when they found out what happened to Wilson. Meanwhile, House refuses to care about his Cottages' lack of funds.

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