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Coma Tracy goes into the MRI of DOOOM, which is actually being handled by someone who appears to be qualified (a.k.a. none of the cast members), so it probably won't kill her. This time. Foreman tells Jeremy that Tracy's brain is slowly shutting down. Jeremy's stomach pain is getting worse, so Foreman ups his morphine. Amazingly, he's still not too doped up to talk, and asks Foreman if the content of Tracy's hallucination could help them diagnose her. Foreman says that it probably won't. Then again, it Jeremy tells Foreman that Tracy thought she saw Jeremy's father, a "drunk, pill-popping racist," who caught Jeremy sneaking into Tracy's house when they were thirteen year-old next-door neighbors. Jeremy's dad broke Jeremy's arm and threatened Tracy, and then Jeremy and Tracy ran away together when they were sixteen. And yet, they somehow still managed to graduate high school and go to college. This program is doing for teenage runaways what Gilmore Girls did for teenage mothers. Anyway, Jeremy's dad killed himself sometime after that. Foreman says that he thought black people were the ones who hated interracial relationships. Jeremy does not appreciate the callback.

The MRI shows problems all over Tracy's brain stem. The doctors aren't sure whetehr they're looking at tumors, plaques, edemas or what, though. Why do they even do MRIs on this show? They never, ever give them enough information to be of any use. At least they've ruled out both an infection and environmental causes -- or have they? House says that sarcoidosis has at least two environmental causes. Maybe there's a third one they don't know about yet, and that's what's killing Jeremy and Tracy. He offers up the slightly enlarged lymph nodes in Jeremy's chest and the fact that Tracy got worse when they took her off the steroids as proof of this, but Cameron points out that it doesn't explain Tracy's throat swelling, nor is there any of the tell-tale lung scarring. House says that he'll have to consult a specialist.

House takes his X-rays and MRIs and balconies over to Wilson's office. Wilson doesn't have much to say about the films, but there's a third object in the pile House gave him -- Wendy's personnel file. House says the file shows that Wendy is all wrong for Wilson, because House only sees what he wants to see. Wilson accuses House of meddling in his affairs because he doesn't want Wilson to have a good relationship that would take him away from House. And that does seem to be true, though why House would want to hang out with Wilson -- who only a few episodes ago was plotting to conceal information from him -- is beyond me. House brings up the Poconos to see if Wilson has any reaction to that, but Wilson doesn't seem to know what House is talking about. He says Tracy doesn't have sarcoidosis, according to the films. So House, of course, tells the Cottages that Wilson said it was sarcoidosis and orders a biopsy on Tracy's brain stem to be sure, because House only does tests to be sure of things when those tests are incredibly dangerous, like this one is. "Brain damage is not only possible -- it's likely!" Chase protests. Cameron the Good points out that Jeremy has to sign the consent form and he has a conflict of interest, as a biopsy on Tracy would also benefit him. "I can't let you do this," Cameron says. "How are you gonna stop me?" House asks. "Call Cuddy?"

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