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On his way out, Foreman sees Jeremy sitting alone in his room and goes to say hello. Jeremy says Tracy got her own room. Hopefully there's a phone in that room that she can use to call her mother and give her a huge piece of her mind. Poor Jeremy is really sad. Foreman offers to hang out with Jeremy for a while if he wants the company. He does. Aw. We won't find out what happens to the couple after this, so feel free to imagine that the DNA test came back negative and the green eyes and hereditary angioedema were just a coincidence after all. I will, because I liked that couple and I don't even want to fathom how one would deal with finding out that his spouse was his secret half-sibling. I guess that's why you shouldn't marry young. Give the hereditary diseases time to show themselves.

Wilson goes home to a hotel room. Alone.

Cuddy's not pregnant. She's upset about that. I'm not.

House rides off on his motorcycle. He's pulled over by an unmarked police car. Unmarked because the cop in it is a plainclothes detective. Turns out that Tritter is a detective after all, and House was going 40 in a 25 mph zone. Also there is apparently no other crime going on in Princeton right now. House stupidly has no ID on him. Tritter also noticed that House took a pill when he was examining him. He wonders if House is on something right now. House starts to get worried. Tritter says House's pupils are dilated, which apparently gives him the right to search House's pockets. Sure enough, he finds some pills and wonders if House has a prescription for them. Probably not, seeing as the last time we saw him get a prescription, he had forged it using Wilson's pad. Tritter puts House under arrest for possession of narcotics. You can be as arrogant and bullying as you want to everyone else, but you should never fuck with the ultimate bully: a cop.

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