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Chase chases after House in the hallway, saying that he won't start Michael on ECMO since the chances of bacteria being in bathwater are very small. "Why don't you want to work for me?" House asks, getting in Chase's face. Chase lies that his time in NICU has nothing to do with House and quickly changes the subject back to Michael, whose X-rays, he insists, showed chemical pneumonitis. House disagrees with this, and asks Chase whether he's down in NICU "hoping to expand [his] make-out pool to include the premie to nine-year-old demographic." Why does Foreman always get picked on for being black, but this is one of the few times Chase has been made fun of for kissing that little girl? "I needed a break," Chase sighs. He's starting to hate their patients, because they lie to them all the time, which almost got Foreman killed. NICU babies can't talk, so they can't lie. It's refreshing. House calls this a "load of crap," and Chase says that he won't do ECMO because it's too dangerous. House thinks that letting bacteria build up in the baby's body until it kills him is more dangerous, though. On the upside, House says, there's "nothing more honest than a dead baby." Yeah, but their tendency to smell like decay kind of outweighs that benefit.

We cut to Chase explaining the ECMO process to Brent. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation is a process where blood is removed from the baby's body and filtered through machines, which add oxygen and take out carbon dioxide, thereby doing the work for the lungs and giving them time to rest and heal. It's extremely risky, but antibiotics alone won't take care of the infection fast enough. Chase assures Brent that this is the best course of action for Michael, even though he didn't believe that himself just one scene ago. Fortunately, dolls don't need to breathe and can't get infections, so Michael should be fine for now.

House dumps the contents of Cuddy's garbage can on to Wilson's desk. He plucks the package that Cuddy had in her hands earlier from it, and Wilson checks it out. It's something called Red Clover, which is supposed to help fight cancer. This isn't a date, House says; it's a consult. Whoa! Is this an actual Cuddy storyline I'm seeing? Hooray!

With that grave revelation, Cameron bursts in to tell House that Kara doesn't have any myelomas. But she does have a subarachnoid bleed (which has nothing to do with spiders, despite its similar-sounding name). As House and Cameron head back to the meeting room, Cameron says Kara's blood tests showed that her blood isn't clotting as well as it should, which could have caused the bleed. But they don't know what's causing the blood not to clot.

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