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That's Cold

But let's not end on too much of a downer note, okay? Wilson is ordering wine for his dinner while he waits for his date to show up. Instead of his mystery woman, he gets House, who takes a seat and says he's got Wilson's date narrowed down to three options. Wilson sighs that "girls are good," and House should just be happy for him instead of trying to ruin it. He points out that House solved his case because he cared about Cate. No, House says, it's actually the opposite: if House hadn't cared about Cate and ordered her to take her socks off during the examination, he would have caught her broken toe a lot sooner. Don't blame yourself, House: I think it's kind of gross that Cate would, like, never remove her socks. Her feet must smell so bad. Maybe that's why no one visits. House denies caring about Cate anyway, to which Wilson's date arrives just in time to agree.

"House doesn't care about anyone," Cutthroat Bitch says. With that, Wilson stands and they kiss. House's jaw drops. So did mine. HOORAY!! CTB IS BACK!! I think I cheered louder for that than I did during any part of the Superbowl. Then again, I'm a Patriots fan so there wasn't much to cheer about. Sigh. "Cutthroat Bitch?" House asks. "I call her Amber," Wilson smiles; "was she on your list?" House doesn't answer, but the look on his face says she definitely wasn't.

What ails the staff at PPTH? We've got the diagnoses.

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