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That's Cold

Meanwhile, the Cottages have revolted against House in the most passive-aggressive way possible: by going straight to Cameron and telling her they're supposed to spy on her for House and while they don't want to do it, "if our choice is between pissing House off or pissing you off, that's not much of a choice," Taub says, trying to look tough to a woman who towers over him. Cameron shrugs and tells them to do whatever they have to do. Taub wonders aloud if they shouldn't just pay for House's cable themselves and tell him Cameron folded. "No," Cameron says suddenly. Uh oh -- looks like she's cooked up a wacky scheme.

The blood test results are back and they don't prove anything either way, so what was the point of doing them? To show that both Cate and House are stubborn, as neither accepts the blood test results. Moreover, House notices that Cate is faking the IV line of medication into her arm. She explains that they have a limited supply of medicine down there and she won't give any to herself unless she has a diagnosis, especially since the generator repairman needs that same drug for his windmill wound. Meanwhile, she's starting to have shortness of breath, which House notices before she does. She figures she's just pissed off, since she's one of those people who lose lung function when angry, but House figures out her lung is collapsing. Worse yet, there's no one else around, so Cate gets to reinflate the lung herself by sticking a plunger-less syringe in it to let the bad air out. She does and the lung reinflates. House says this proves that she should always listen to his diagnoses, but Cate says the collapsed lung just proves that her problem is not a simple kidney stone. Um...congrats? You win?

House goes over Cate's symptoms again, and Foreman suggests they talk about it out of Cate's earshot, but House refuses, saying that since the patient and the patient's doctor are the same person, she gets to sit in on the differential. Also because he'd rather look at her than Foreman, even with the needle sticking out of her ribcage. House and Cate trade barbs, Cate with the assistance of an oxygen mask and a smug smirk. I wouldn't have a smug smirk if I had to use an oxygen mask, but that's me. Foreman finally turns the sound off so he and House can talk in private, providing that Cate can't read lips. Foreman tells House he thinks Cate has cancer, and a tumor is throwing clots around, causing the lung collapse and kidney problems. He wants to figure it out amongst themselves before telling the rather upsetting news to Cate, but House obviously disagrees, as his next move is to turn the sound back on and tell Cate to feel around her abdomen for a tumor, since they don't have imaging equipment or biopsy capabilities down there, not like those things ever help them diagnose cancer at PPTH. The South Pole does have an X-ray, so House tells Cate to X-ray her entire body and send him the images. Well, if she didn't have cancer before, that blast of X-ray radiation she's about to give herself should take care of that.

There's absolutely no one around in the South Pole to even hold Cate's hand as she does her own X-rays. That's cold, South Pole residents.

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