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That's Cold

Wilson and Foreman hang out in the lab and test out possible stains using materials like spaghetti sauce and coffee. Dude, if the South Pole residents were pissed off when Cate wasted that egg, they'll kill her if she uses up the coffee on her biopsy. Foreman wonders why House is letting Cate be a part of her own diagnosis, noting that he insults her and doesn't respect her as a doctor. "That's House's version of courtship," Wilson shrugs. "Oh God. He's been wooing me for years!" Foreman says. Foreman and everyone else at PPTH, and beyond! House has a lot of love to give, after all. Wilson clarifies that Cate is the perfect woman for House: she's really, really far away and suffering from a mystery disease. Well, as long as he isn't too picky.

While House enjoys his bourbon, Cate disrobes for the examination. She keeps her socks on, saying it's freezing and there are no lymph nodes in feet. There's nothing sexy for House to see either, so he allows this and the node palpating begins. House wants to start with the nodes in Cate's breasts and butt, but she was thinking of going from top to bottom. House sighs that that could mean they'd find a biopsy-able node before getting to the good parts. While Cate palpates, House plays some Marvin Gaye and dances around. He claims it's to help her relax, and she ignores it because she knows fighting with him won't get her anywhere. Plus, I think she kind of likes it. They trade flirty barbs until House spots something medically relevant and becomes a doctor again, turning the music off and pointing out a swollen node in Cate's abdomen.

Wilson gives Cate a course on DIY biopsies. Oddly enough, Wilson doesn't need to light a fire, drink alcohol, or play sex music to do this. First, she numbs the area with some ice. God forbid she should waste the painkillers on herself, I guess. "Come on, Cate. Let's get this over with," House says, and Wilson immediately notices House's slightly more caring tone and especially his use of Cate's first name. He brings this to House's attention, who says, "just trying to move things along, Bob." Bob is not Wilson's first name. It's the actor who portrays Wilson's first name. We're very meta tonight, aren't we? I just don't know why we get to use two first names for Wilson while 13 doesn't have one. Cate inserts the syringe into her node and slowly, painfully, withdraws some fluid. A lot of fluid, actually. I didn't realize lymph nodes were full of yellow liquid. "You okay?" House asks. Wilson frowns afresh.

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