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That's Cold

After the commercial, House is back at home, telling Cate he'd rather work from home than his office because at home he doesn't have to wear pants. Hey now -- if he stands up, Cate might see his leg! How daring. House says he's thinking Cate has an autoimmune disease. There's two good possibilities, and the treatment for them is the same. He tells Cate to start shooting up with prednisone, but once again she refuses any treatment unless House has proof. "You practice medicine like it's a fire sale!" she says. And while PPTH might have unlimited medicine (if not unlimited cable), the South Pole does not.

Back at PPTH, Foreman has an idea: "We should send her outside." "Right. Tell her to head North until she runs into a hospital," House says. She'd probably hit the Penguin Memorial Hospital first, and they don't treat humans. Foreman says the cold weather will make Cate feel better if she has an autoimmune disorder that's causing inflammation in her kidneys. This doesn't sound like a great idea to me. Too bad they don't have an immunologist to help out with this. House doesn't want to do it, saying it's way too cold and Cate is way too sick. Foreman thinks House is only refusing to do this because he actually cares about Cate. Meanwhile, Wilson wants to know why House went through his wallet, left the cash, and took all the receipts. Duh -- House is spying on Wilson's lunch costs to see how far into his new relationship he is.

House thinks they can test Cate for an autoimmune disease without freezing her to death. He's right -- with the help of some old-fashioned medicine and paperclips. Cate puts the paperclip into a test tube with her blood and shakes it. The paperclip will destroy some of the blood cells. If she has an autoimmune disease, her immune system will eat the damaged cells, getting nice and fat and visible under a microscope. Well, at least it's safer than running around the coldest place on Earth. House asks Cate how she's doing. "No change," she reports. House says she can wait a few hours for the results or just take the drugs now, pointing out that in her field of medicine, patients routinely take medicine without any diagnostic tests so it's hypocritical of her to take a stand like this now. Cate shrugs that she must be a decent enough psychiatrist to have figured House out based on his living room. House doesn't think her assumptions were all that impressive. "Everyone is miserable," he says; "you don't change that because people don't change." Cate says House only wants to think that because then he doesn't have to make an effort to change. House tells her to stop being Wilson. Cate says House must dig that, since Wilson is his best friend and he's spent more time with her than any other patient. "Sorry about that," House says, and rectifies it by turning the screen off.

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