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Some moron decided that CTB should be the person to ask Jimmy where he gets his drugs, despite the fact that she is unable to conceal her contempt for him. Shockingly, he won't tell her and doesn't care if he dies because of it. In fact, he'd rather die young and awesome than old and decrepit. I knew a guy who used to say that. He died last June. He was twenty-six years old. And he was wrong. Jimmy says he never wanted to be an adult anyway, but the fact that he's crying kind of makes me question this. "You don't regret anything," CTB says, both believing him and not believing him. Jimmy says he regrets everything but the drugs and the drinking and the fighting and asks CTB if she hates him. "Yeah," she says, but I don't think that's true. I think she resents the hell out of him because he can shut off the part of his brain that cares about achievement and accomplishment and she can't, no matter how much she wants to. "I don't care," Jimmy says. "What's it like?" she whispers. It's about time CTB got her moment. I just hope it's not her last. "It means you have no regrets," Jimmy says, so clearly he does care about something, since he said he does have regrets. Also, I think they're quoting Madonna songs now. Strike a pose.

Wilson finds House in his office, studying Jimmy's music. House says Jimmy has managed to write songs with no redeeming notes. He is in awe. I love how House's policy of listening to the music of any musician he happens to be treating is working against him this week. Jimmy ain't no brain-damaged pianist or jazz musician. Wilson doesn't care, because he has bigger fish to fry, and those fish have canes: looking wounded, disappointed, and not exactly surprised, he asks House if he's been giving No More Cancer legal advice. Busted, House turns the music off and says he didn't want Wilson to give his own money away, since it would make less money available to lend to House. Wilson says he wants to accept responsibility for his mistake. How long has he been a doctor? And he's never made a mistake before? Or does he pay any and all mistakes, no matter how honest, off with however much of his own money he deems appropriate? There is such a thing as caring too much, Wilson. House, on the other hand, doesn't think Wilson should care about anyone but himself. Wilson accuses House of being controlling and playing games, although the second part was just thrown in there because it's the episode's title, I suspect. The only thing House cares about, Wilson says, is whatever he decides is "interesting." House says Jimmy's music was more aurally pleasant than this. Wilson keeps going, saying that House is scared because he knows he can't control everything. House says Wilson wants to cure pain. Wilson says House wants to avoid it. So they both have impossible dreams. "Dying's easy. Living's hard," Wilson bumper-stickers. I think that all depends who you're doing it for, though. House looks around for a Whiteboard so he can give Wilson two points for his poignant but meaningless platitude.

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