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Games Over

But it's not over yet! Jimmy wakes up from his biopsy to find CTB hovering over him. She tells him they're treating his measles (is this the first time House has repeated a diagnosis? Not that it matters, since even a repeat diagnosis presents entirely differently) so he'll grow old after all. And she got fired. Jimmy asks her why she's hanging around his room, then. "Trying not to care," she says. "That's not easy," he says. CTB just laughs mirthlessly and shakes her head, thinking that anything would be easier than feeling like she does now.

Cuddy enters the classroom and says House can't hire two men. She only recommended Kumar and PS because she knew he would do the opposite of whatever she said. So it's okay to hire two women, but not two men? Cuddy says House has to hire a woman. You know, it's affirmative action policies like this that get otherwise incompetent people like Cuddy hired to positions they don't deserve. House wants to hire both women, but Cuddy says he can only have one. She suggests "the one that gives a crap about people." Oh please please pleeeeease let that be CTB. "They both do," House says, sincerely. You know, despite how much he professes to hate and/or not care about people, I really do think it upsets him to fire people. That is, when he isn't making a funny production out of it. "Hire Thirteen," Cuddy says. House nods seriously, but smiles as soon as Cuddy turns around. She can sense it. "This was your plan all along," she says. He just keeps smiling. "Well, at least the games are over," Cuddy says, clumsily shoehorning the episode title in there. "How long have you known me?" House asks. Not so long that she can't fall ass-first into every single one of his traps. But as long as she gets what she wants -- a female Cottage for the sake of a female Cottage, regardless of apparent skill -- and House gets what he wants -- the three best Cottages for the job, even if one of them had to be fake-fired three times to make it happen -- they're both happy enough. Then again, CTB says only idiots are happy. Sigh.

So Kumar, Taub, and Thirteen are the new Cottages. Foreman will be there, too, although I'm not sure why or what he'll be doing. I like Taub, am still waiting to get a sense of Kumar's identity beyond the fact that he's a dope, and I'm sure I've made my feelings about Thirteen clear by now although I'll be happy to change my mind if she drops the mystery bullshit and gets a real name. Even 7 of 9 had a real name, and she spent most of her life as a Borg drone, which is probably worse than thinking you might have Huntington's. As for the rest of the Numbers, well, I just hope CTB is having hot sex with Jimmy or, at the very least, fulfilling her secret dream of singing in a punk-rock band. I'm gonna miss her. And Weird Beard. And Cole, who I thought was sure to get hired until Cuddy re-hired Foreman. And even that veterinarian chick. Terzzzi...not so much. But you can't win them all.

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