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Games Over

Foreman follows House out to the hall and lectures him for both hiring people based on a game (I guess it's better to hire them based on Cuddy forcing them into the position, eh, Foreman?) and now for treating a patient based on a game, like House has never done this before. Except at least twice this season already and once last season as well. Also, they're walking through "Ivy Hall." I've never seen that before. I hope it comes with a balcony! House tells Foreman he's doing what he has to do to hire the best team and save the most lives. Foreman doesn't buy this, so House says he doesn't need Foreman.

He doesn't need Wilson either, but House duly reports to his office for more lecturing. Not this time, though, as House finds him sitting in a chair with his jaw hanging open. Whoops! Looks like Cameron gave someone an accidental lobotomy! Again! But no, Wilson's slack-jaw is the result of him realizing that he misdiagnosed a patient with terminal cancer. Wow. Wilson has few enough patients as it is, and now it seems that some of them don't even have cancer. One wonders if Wilson is just giving away cancer diagnoses to hot ladies he can sleep with or people who want marijuana prescriptions. This time, though, it appears that Wilson's mistake could have been made by even a competent doctor, as the patient's biopsy came back with a false positive and the patient himself apparently didn't find it necessary to get a second opinion. House pronounces this "interesting," and Wilson gets all upset that House isn't jumping for joy at the random patient he doesn't know's good fortune. Wilson, you don't know House at all depending on who's writing your dialogue from week to week, do you?

Thirteen finds CTB standing outside a men's room, waiting for Jimmy to finish his business so she can run her test. Thirteen and Thirteen's Turtleneck ask CTB why her first inclination was a drug-related diagnosis. With a perfect note of "let me explain this to you, stupid" in her voice, CTB says that if Jimmy was shooting cancer into his veins on a regular basis, she'd have guessed cancer. And Wilson would have approved that diagnosis without bothering to check his work, apparently. "You're an idiot," Thirteen responds. How dare she speak to CTB like that?! But maybe she has a little bit of a point, as she points out that CTB just left a chain smoker and an oxygen tank unattended. This is punctuated by a muffled blast. If only Thirteen had gone in there to stop Jimmy from lighting up instead of talking about it, she could have saved him from blowing himself up. Since she didn't, the ladies run in to find Jimmy still alive but all smokey, looking not unlike when Daffy Duck would accidentally make dynamite explode in his face.

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