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Chase makes an appearance, asking Foreman how "the new us's" last case is proceeding. Meanwhile, Foreman is the new Foreman. While Chase and Cameron have moved on, he's still a Cottage, and spends most of his time reading magazines and newspapers, from which he can look up to shoot House a disdainful glare every once in a while. Right now, he's sticking close to PS, who's in the patient's room prepping him for the biopsy. Foreman figures as long as he sticks to PS, he'll be able to keep track of House and hopefully stop him from playing games with their patient's life. Chase points out that Foreman isn't wearing a lab coat, just like House. I think that's more because House stole Foreman's lab coat than it is that Foreman is turning into House, though. With that, Foreman is paged and has to leave. You'd think he'd learn to stop answering his pages by now, since they all seem to be from House trying to make him go to the other side of the hospital.

Ah, but this time, it was PS paging Foreman to Jimmy's room, where the patient is violently protesting the part of his biopsy prep that involves his left arm. Foreman quickly figures out it's because Jimmy has nicotine patches all over that arm. Foreman had to dope Jimmy up to check, though, so I'm guessing that Jimmy's going to do this again just to get some more of that sweet, sweet sedative. An irritated CTB accuses Jimmy of being juvenile and purposeless, operating under the assumption that he cares what she thinks, while PS uses the presence of blood pooling in one of Jimmy's fingers to prove that he's got blood clots moving throughout his body. CTB sighs that her diagnosis was wrong. Damn! I really hope House's definition of hiring merit is "my favorite character."

After the commercial, CTB has negative six points and is quickly entering super Jeopardy loser territory. Kumar loses ten points for stating the obvious: if a blood clot enters Jimmy's heart or lung, it'll kill him. Aw, that's not fair! Someone has to exposition this stuff to the non-doctor audience! Meanwhile, PS isn't even there, as House figured out that Foreman was following him, so he paged PS somewhere else. PS also lost twenty points somewhere along the line, bringing his score down to eighty. House tells the three that Jimmy has "schistocytes" in his blood, which is causing the clotting. CTB guesses it's drug-related, and Thirteen immediately accuses CTB of stereotyping their patient and refusing to see past his drug abuse. Meanwhile, Thirteen thinks Jimmy has malaria even though he hasn't been out of the country in years. is that better than CTB's drug-related diagnoses? At least Jimmy is actually exposed to drugs on a regular basis. But House likes it when his fellows think outside the box of reasonable assumptions and tells CTB that she's been wrong up until now, so Thirteen gets the eye model to do her cockamamie malaria test while House has a private chat with CTB.

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