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In his office, he asks her why she hates drug addicts. She immediately says she wasn't talking about House, because the drugs he's taking are a "necessary prescription." If she believed that, though, House wouldn't have been the first thing on her mind when he asked her about drug addicts. House tells her they're talking about the patient, not him. She says Jimmy is throwing his life away. House says at least he isn't living in fear of every pop quiz. That's because he doesn't have to work for a guy who keeps giving them out. "Why are you afraid to lose?" he asks. A tiny little crack in CTB's composure appears as she angrily asks if House is going to fire her because she likes to win. Winners, CTB says, are happy. House shrugs and says their patient seems happy enough as a loser. I'm still not sure how Jimmy is a "loser." He's in an apparently successful band and gets to create and perform music I'm assuming he loves. But CTB says Jimmy is "an idiot." "He's a happy idiot," House clarifies. Is there any other kind? That tiny crack in CTB's composure gets a lot bigger as she says, emphatically and with tears in her eyes that she doesn't see how doing anything to get the right answer is bad for her patients -- or House. And just as she lost it, CTB puts her guard back up and leaves the room with a smug smile on her face. And let me just say that that scene is why I like CTB so much better than Thirteen. Anne Dudek NAILED that scene. She makes a character who could be totally hateable seem interesting and human. Olivia Wilde has not, thus far, shown anywhere near that kind of talent. While Thirteen is a more likeable character whose mysteriousness is supposed to be compelling, she bores me to tears. I'd rather be friends with Thirteen in real life, but I'd rather watch CTB on my television.

Thirteen finds PS heading for House with a bag from the pharmacy. She guesses he's trying to score points with House by giving him Vicodin, which is actually a pretty ingenious plan. PS says he doesn't care about their patient at all, so he's not going to spend any time on him. And while plying House with Vicodin is smart, deciding not to have anything to do with your final patient is...not. It's kind of do or die at this point, right? Thirteen asks PS why he wants this job, apparently not getting the memo that this is the only job PS can get right now. And by "memo," I mean, "thing House told everyone two weeks ago." Maybe Thirteen was suffering from Huntington's-related hearing loss then. By the way, Jimmy has disappeared.

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