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Everyone's a little irritated with Thirteen for cheating and doing an extra test, but Foreman just shrugs that "it's a harmless test." Yeah, tell that to the guy who had to have his lumbar punctured. For this, Thirteen loses fifty points and the power of the eyeball, which is awarded to Kumar to test his new pulmonary embolism diagnosis. CTB protests that Kumar is going to do the same thing Thirteen did -- secretly run a bunch of tests on Jimmy and make the correct diagnosis based on the results. Kumar denies this, which is too bad for him, since House says he would have given him forty points for cleverness. Instead, they go to CTB. Hooray! You're still in the game, CTB! Don't give up! Winners never quit! House tells Foreman to run Kumar's tests instead. "Sure!" Foreman says, not looking all that eager to do anything House asks him to. He leaves, and House and Thirteen have a funny little exchange about how Foreman isn't about to do any tests. And why would he when there's a new issue of Popular Mechanics from which he can look up and shake his head?

House runs the tests instead. He ultrasounds Jimmy's lungs and insults his music at the same time. Jimmy says he plays his music for himself, not for House. House points out that he also plays for an audience. He asks Jimmy if he's given up because if he doesn't try, he can't fail. Jimmy says most people can't stand his music. Most of them ignore him, although a few of them "feel like they have to tell me what I'm screwing up. You know, what I'm wasting. Why do they care?" Because it's easier and safer to recap a show that's already been written than it is to write one yourself? Oh, wait -- that's me. I'm not sure why those people feel the need to tell you they hate your music and way of life, Jimmy. But if it really upsets you, you should stop going to that jimmy_crit LJ community. Also, Jimmy has some peculiar masses near his heart. He doesn't care, and House finds it interesting that Jimmy cares if people like his music, but not if he lives or dies.

Wilson apologizes to No Cancer Man again, this time accompanied by a big ol' check. No Cancer Man rips it up, and Wilson naively thinks he thinks it's wrong to take money from his doctor. No, No Cancer Man says -- it's just not enough money. Wow, this guy has some balls. Or at least he did before he was misdiagnosed with testicular cancer. Whoops! "You ruined my life," No Cancer Man says. When he thought he was dying, he says, looking directly at the camera in a rather creepy manner (stop breaking the fourth wall, Deran Serafian! This isn't a reality show! Or at least, it isn't until all the stockpiled episodes run out), he was living his life in the present for the first time. Now that's gone, and it's Wilson's fault. Hey, it's not Wilson's fault that No Cancer Man sucked at life before he thought he had terminal cancer. If he thinks life with a terminal disease is all fun and games, he should try getting a real one and seeing how much living in the present he can do while his body slowly but surely shuts down around him.

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