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Irene Sees Dead People

The ladies get to team up once again to explain things to Irene and her Dead Mom. I have to wonder what kind of awkward conversation those two had when they were in the hall heading for Irene's room, what with CTB's revelation that she hates 13 and all. They tell Irene that the ergot in her bread is the same stuff used to make LSD, and Irene asks if she's been tripping this whole time. She sure has, and I hope she doesn't remember the part where she grabbed Cole's package, because that would be kind of embarrassing. Irene pauses, and some sad Ukrainian music starts to play, and we kind of already know what's coming. She looks at her Dead Mom, realizing that she isn't real. Dead Mom confirms this. She's a very self-aware hallucination. 13 says she's sorry, but yes, Irene's mom is still dead. I'm sure Kumar would be happy to dig her up for Irene, but she won't be very good company like the Hallucination Mom was. CTB looks on the bright side and says the fact that Irene accepts that her Dead Mom isn't real means the ergot poisoning treatment is already starting to work. "You'll live," Dead Mom says comfortingly. Irene nods sadly. I totally started to cry. Goddamn this show and its mother-related heart-string tugging! You'd have to have a heart made of stone not to cry during this. And you'll notice that CTB's eyes remain completely dry the whole time. Dead Mom takes off her gold cross necklace and puts it around Irene's neck, where it combines with the already existing cross necklace to form one super-reality-crossing necklace. "I'm going to miss you," Irene sobs. I guess if she ever really, really misses her mom, she can buy some more of that poison bread. I just want this scene to end so I can wipe my tears away already. Irene clutches her necklace and finds some comfort in it. 13 watches her. CTB probably pities her and her human emotions. When Irene looks back towards her mom, she's gone. Crying always gives me a headache.

Fortunately, House returns in the next scene for some much-needed merriment. He enters the classroom with six pink flowers. He calls them flowers, but Kumar corrects him that they're peonies. Kumar knows his flowers, because he sees a lot of them during his nightly grave-robbing hobby. House says one of them will not be getting a flower. It's like The Bachelor, except entertaining. House first addresses Cole, saying he's surprised to even see him there. Who punches his boss and then expects to still have a job? "Give a flower and shut up," Cole says. I need to start talking to my boss like that. It's raise time, and I think this is the way to get what I deserve. House gives Cole his flower, then scans the room to build suspense. His gaze lands on CTB, who can't believe she's getting the axe after being the one who figured out what was wrong with Irene. 13 adds that CTB also planted a dog collar in the procedure room to fuck with her head, as if that would be grounds for dismissal at PPTH. CTB is stammering out a denial when House hands her a flower. Now it's 13's turn to be indignant, but House says he admired CTB's colleague-sabotaging technique, although she "over-reached" with the dog collar at the end. "She owned you," House tells 13. I would say she PWNED 13, even. House tells CTB not to violate the rules of ghosthood by leaving physical objects lying around next time, and she nods solemnly at this sage advice.

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