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Irene Sees Dead People

13 figures she must be the fired one, but no. House hands her a flower, and she smirks. Yuck. 13 and Cole touch their flowers together in triumph. House tosses two more flowers at Kumar and the Random Guy, leaving just one flower left. PS sighs in defeat, assuming he's the one going home. But no -- House looks at Weird Beard and says "I'm sorry, Henry." Oh my god, this is even sadder than the Dead Mom scene! Not Henry! Not my Weird Beard! NOOOOOO! WHYYYYYY? PS asks House this same question, although not quite as dramatically. Weird Beard already knows the answer, saying it was because he and House were so in tune that he has to go: House doesn't need someone to tell him what he was already thinking. PS sniffs his flower that he totally doesn't deserve. House extends an actual offer of friendship, telling Henry if he ever wants to "hang out" -- "call Wilson," Weird Beard finishes. House smiles. Weird Beard had better be walking out that classroom door and into a SPIN-OFF.

And then we have to go see Cameron. She finds House on his way out of PPTH and says he can pay in cash. He can't really deny that she won, either, with that bloody lip of his. He pays up and unwisely further engages her in conversation by asking which Number she'll be protecting next. She says if she told him, it "wouldn't work." What wouldn't work? Cameron? Cause I haven't seen her in the ER lately.

The episode isn't over yet, as Cuddy gets a late-night visitor: Foreman. He says he thought about her offer and has decided to accept it, providing he gets the raise she promised PLUS an additional five percent, his own office, and a personal assistant. Cuddy says those demands are reasonable, and she will be giving him none of them. OH SNAP! "You can come back at your original salary," she says. Foreman doesn't get it. Cuddy says Foreman didn't rethink anything -- he realized he can't get a job anywhere else. He needs PPTH a lot more than PPTH needs him. "You're House Lite now," Cuddy breaks it down; "the only administrator that will touch you is the one who hired House Classic." Yeah, that's a great idea, Cuddy. Now instead of having one House to deal with, you have one and a half. Genius! Cuddy says she'll be nice enough to "pretend" she isn't doing him a favor. Foreman says he'll start Monday. Oh, great. That means House will only be hiring two of the Numbers now, right? Sigh. I guess there's nowhere else for Foreman to go, but I would have been happy if he spent the rest of the series looking for another job. Every week, he interviews at a different place that ultimately rejects him for a different reason. That would have been fun. Now we just get to watch get shit on by House some more.

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