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Irene Sees Dead People

Plastic Surgeon and 24 (I'll just call her Cutthroat Bitch from now on. Sorry about the cuss words, Grandma!) prepare the patient for an MRI of DOOOM!!! Meanwhile, someone left the door open, and crazy old foreign women have invaded, one of whom is at Irene's side, comforting and reassuring her. PS and CTB send Irene into the tube while grousing that both Weird Beard and 13 are locks for the fellow positions since they still have jobs despite not being doctors and killing a wheelchair-bound patient and his dog, respectively. CTB says House likes 13 because he can't figure her out and tells PS he should quit and spare her the competition. Meanwhile, this show seriously has, like, twenty executive producers. Their names are still popping up on the screen ten minutes into the show.

Foreman is interviewing for a new job. He has to explain away his résumé first, saying he left PPTH because he hated House and left Mercy because he was fired for saving a patient's life. The interviewer has done some background checking, though, and says he knows Foreman was actually fired for disobeying a direct order. He likes Foreman's credentials otherwise, though, and pretty much says that if Foreman will admit he was wrong to kidnap his patient like that, he'll hire him. Of course, Arrogant Foreman remains silent, and the interviewer says Foreman stayed with House too long. Oddly, it seems that this interviewer doesn't want a patient-kidnapping, order-disobeying prick working at his hospital.

Later on, the break-in crew returns to PPTH with results. Cole tries to relay those to House over the speakerphone, but he is quickly interrupted by House, who orders Weird Beard to tell Cole he's an idiot. Weird Beard doesn't do it well enough, apparently, so House goes into the definition of idiot, including its linguistic origins. Weird Beard says the only potentially important thing they discovered was a funeral-home guest a few years ago who died from what was reported to be pneumonia, but whose symptoms are consistent with Mad Cow disease. Um...I'll admit I don't know much about Mad Cow disease, but it seems to me that pneumonia and Mad Cow disease have a very different set of symptoms. If the guy actually did have Mad Cow disease, his doctor needs to have his license revoked. Cole argues that this is inconsequential, since the home inspection revealed that Irene doesn't eat meat, preferring vegetables and all kinds of organic natural foods that are good for you but taste like ass. House calls Cole an idiot again, then decides that the Mad Cow theory is "cool" and orders the Numbers to follow up on it.

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