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Irene Sees Dead People

Kumar the Butcher is stabbing away at a screaming, squirming Irene, trying to force an IV line into her arm. Finally, 13 steps in to put the line in herself, ordering Kumar to hold Irene down. Kumar grins and jumps on top of the patient. He's a weirdo. Or maybe he's only smiling in Irene's hallucinations, since we then see 13 grinning as she plunges a huge needle into her arm.

Irene wakes up to find 13 hovering over her, reassuring her that she was just having a nightmare. Maybe, but Irene's arm pain was very real, as is the blood pouring out of holes in it. 13's kind of a bitch, stabbing Irene so hard in her dream that the marks stayed when she woke up.

The Numbers are in the conference room now. CTB tells us that lesions are not a symptom of Parkinson's, so that's out. Time to start over again! Weird Beard continues to endear himself to me when he suggests vasculitis, the original lupus. It's not vasculitis, of course, but the suggestion starts off another pissing match between Weird Beard and PS when PS says vasculitis is a ridiculous conclusion to reach based on Irene's symptoms, and Weird Beard clearly sucks as a doctor, and Weird Beard countering that retinal vasculitis fits Irene's symptoms. Weird Beard even has a metaphor to back his diagnosis up. As for PS, he thinks Irene has acute intermittent porphyria, which we all know is wrong since someone on this show has had it before. Weird Beard says that while that is also a possible diagnosis, the treatment for AIP could kill Irene's kidneys if they're wrong. The treatment for vasculitis, on the other hand, is much safer if they're wrong, which is good, since they almost always are. House agrees, and sends them off to treat Irene for vasculitis while they test her for AIP. He tells Cole to check his email for some humiliation action, because why have your fellows doing things to save a patient's life when they could be looking at embarrassing emails?

Cameron finds House in the cafeteria, and he tells her that he's expecting to win that bet based on Cole's cheek-turning thus far. Cameron steals an apple and says she thinks Cole is a decent, smart guy. Who cares what Cameron thinks of other people? I sure don't. Nor do I care about other people think of Cameron. House says she's becoming so invested in his fellow-hiring because she misses working for him. Plus, the ER has no patients today. Seriously, doesn't Cameron have work to do? House tells the cafeteria register woman to charge Cameron for his meal and run-limps away.

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