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House goes to Wilson's office. Wilson gives him the latest. House says he'll only have the kid for six or seven years. Wilson agonizes that he shouldn't have said yes, knowing that he wasn't ready for this. House has a brilliant idea for making all this go away. Wilson mocks this as being a stupid late-term abortion idea. "This is real." Nope. Duncan enters the room. He's a young actor named Wendel. "If you're gonna get pissy, remember it was House's idea." He's got a recurring role on Days of Our Lives. House acts smug and Wilson shouts at them to get out. As they leave, Duncan says, "Chillax, dad." And House asks if he can do an Australian accent. Wilson laughs a little, once he's alone.

Hatcher's room. He tells Taub that he got the call. Three year deal, 2.1 million dollars. And maybe he'll get to be a hockey player occasionally. We see he and Wilson talk, but from outside the room so we can't hear anything.

Elevator. Park tells Chase she's not sleeping with him. He says it's a shame. She decides that Chase was jealous of her and her family. "Maybe you've got too much and I've got too little." "I might sleep with you after all.

Chase and Park's grandmother play cribbage. For money. With every sign of enjoying themselves. Park moves back home. Wilson makes food for himself and House. House explains that the woman he called was someone he met on Facebook. And that no one likes prosciutto.

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