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Well, it's been three weeks, so it's time for a new episode of House! First off, props to whoever thought of the title for this episode, which I believe is a play on the name of that Emma Thompson TV movie about being brave in the face of terminal cancer. They really do a good job with titles on this show. Very clever. (Except for "Who's Your Daddy?") The show begins with a guy trying to button his tuxedo. As he fails, we see that he's played by Dave Matthews. Like many of you, I was nervous that this would be an all-too-common case of stuntcasting gone wrong, but I think they did a good job of keeping Dave Matthews's part easy enough so that if he were terrible, it wouldn't ruin the show. And he wasn't terrible at all, which is hard for me to admit, since I spent the second half of high school and the first half of college surrounded by people who loved his band with the violinist who thought he was such a bad-ass even though he was a violinist. Everyone had the same giant poster of Dave Matthews playing guitar. The image is burned into my brain. Hey, speaking of brains, Dave Matthews's character is a little short on them. His father buttons up for him while Dave says that the talking in the audience is A-flat. Psssh, I think it was a G-sharp. "Look how smart you are," says Dad, sounding a little bit sarcastic. They walk out on stage, where there's a piano and a huge audience waiting for Dave. Dad makes a short speech introducing the crowd to his son, Patrick, who was a normal boy until an accident when he was ten years old left him with "neurological disabilities" and an amazing musical talent. I wonder if people with brain damage feel ripped off that they didn't get a new skill from it like Patrick did.

Patrick sits down to play, and his dad walks off to watch from the wings. Patrick starts, playing a song that I can't identify because I have no class. It's not long before there's trouble: Patrick plays a wrong note. Dad frowns and tells the stage manager that his son has never missed a note before, so something must be wrong. The stage manager doesn't seem to care. Dad runs out as Patrick starts seriously fumbling the notes, and then slams his hands down on the keys. He says that his hand hurts. Dad checks it out, and, indeed, something very bad is happening: Patrick's hand has turned into a CGI effect! Also, his fingers are all bent backward. Either he's double-jointed, or it's time to call House.

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