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What Would You Say?

And so, Patrick has the misfortune of enduring the MRI of DOOOM! House is disappointed to see normal results on the brain scan. He was hoping to see something that would show them which parts of Patrick's brain made him all good at music and stuff. Foreman says that, for that, they'll need to get a scan of Patrick's brain while he's actually playing an instrument, not just listening to classical music. Well, geez, Foreman, you could've told House that before he went to all the trouble of putting Patrick in the MRI. House asks Patrick to pretend he's playing the piano along with the music. Even though Patrick's supposed to be retarded, he understands this instruction and starts playing some wicked air piano. And lo and behold, the brain scan lights up. House notices that Patrick's heart rate has risen, and without the accompanying response for other parts of Patrick's body that would indicate its being simply an emotional response. House tells them to check out Patrick's heart.

Indeed, Foreman tells Cameron that Patrick had a heart condition that was causing the funky fingers; it wasn't dystonia after all. Cameron doesn't care about this, because she opened House's mail and found plane tickets to Boston. And, she says, there's an opening at Harvard for an infectious-disease doctor. Surely these two things must be related! Foreman doubts it, pointing out that House isn't exactly into furthering his career. But then he remembers that blood sample of House's. "I don't think it was a patient's blood," he says. "Why, it was green?" Cameron snaps. Oh, so Mr. Spock isn't allowed in the PPTH Free Clinic? Bitch. Foreman says that the tests ordered didn't add up for a patient with a foot problem...but they do if House was testing his own blood for a pre-employment screening.

So Cameron Harriet the Spies it over to House's apartment, Chase in tow. Chase is wearing a bright orange trucker hat for no reason. While Cameron looks for House's spare key, Chase complains. Cameron finds the key, and they enter House's lair. Cameron orders Chase to check out House's bedroom, which she knows to be down the hall. "You've been here?" asks Chase. "Where else would the bedroom be?" Cameron says lamely. "Come with?" Chase offers. He says that if he's going to get fired for breaking into his boss's house, he might as well have sex. Cameron's not interested, though.

Foreman fixes whatever was wrong with Patrick's heart. Oh, wait: suddenly, Patrick's heart rate skyrockets. Foreman has to zap it back to life.

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