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So they do that for a while, and then Cameron's arm slides down to her lab coat pocket. She grabs something from there, and House, never too horny to let his guard down, opens one eye, sees this, and grabs her hand. That ends the kiss, and House pulls Cameron's arm up so we see she's holding a needle. "Little whorish to kiss and stab," he remarks. "You kissed back," Cameron whispers smugly. Well, yeah. You'll find, Cameron, that most men will do that. House coolly says that every woman should know what it's like to kiss him, and I'm sure a good percentage of them agree with him. Cameron says that they just need a "few drops" of House's blood, and I am interested to know how she was planning to extract that from House in mid-kiss. Was she going to stab him with the needle and hope she hit a vein? Because I don't know that you can extract very much blood if you just hit some random spot. "Foreman and Chase's lips are not gonna get so close now that I know your plan," says House, taking the needle away. A cruel blow to deal to the Foreman/House and Chase/House shippers indeed. Now they have another reason to hate Cameron. Cameron says that there's a nurse about to risk his job to steal House's blood from yesterday for them, and I do appreciate that the use of a male pronoun effectively excludes Evil Nurse Brenda from that list. The only time she'd steal a patient's blood is to make the patient have to come back in and repeat the unpleasant blood-drawing process. And I really want to know which PPTH employee would risk his job for House, since it seems widely acknowledged that everyone who works there hates him, up to and including the pharmacist and the janitor. Apparently not wanting this nurse to lose his job for him, House tells Cameron that she can find his lab stuff -- blood, spinal fluid, MRIs, and more -- under the name "Luke N. Laura." You know, that couple on General Hospital who are the most famous soap-opera couple ever even though their relationship started with Luke raping her. It's quite fitting for this show, actually. House freely volunteers to give Cameron a sperm sample as well. She leaves, and House wipes his lips so that he doesn't catch kindness. Anyway, my feelings about the kiss are that it was a clever ruse from Cameron, who figured that House would be expecting her terminal patient-loving ass to make a move on him, and this way she could get his blood and a kiss as well as a good way for the writers to get the Cameron/House kiss out of their systems without its having to lead to any kind of relationship. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but I don't want to see it again. And I don't know how I can take Cameron's professional abilities seriously when she uses her feminine wiles to seduce the blood out of her boss.

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