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A Bevy Of Heavy

Cuddy and Vogler are standing in House's office when House enters. Cuddy asks him who gets the boot. "Chase," says House. "Chase stays," says Vogler, as he plays with House's thinking ball. House has to pick someone else. House refuses. The bad-ass funk guitar of Jon Cleary starts in as Vogler steps up to House and tells him to pick someone else, or the whole department will go. Cuddy just looks at House and follows Vogler out of the office like a puppy dog. I guess if Cameron's quitting, someone has to pick up the weak woman slack.

Jon Cleary continues into a montage. Chase watches Vogler walk by. Cameron writes out her résumé. Foreman also watches Vogler walk by, but in a different part of the hospital. Vogler sure does walk a lot. House twirls his cane and thinks.

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