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A Bevy Of Heavy

The Cottages sprint to Jessica's room, where she is complaining of pain and bleeding. Cameron lifts her shirt to reveal bloody and black sores all over Jessica's chest. Now she'll never have friends!

After the commercial, House and the gang try to figure out what caused Jessica's sores. The most likely theory is that warfarin, one of the two blood-thinners they gave Jessica earlier, had the unfortunate side effect of skin necrosis. Chase gave Jessica the warfarin, and Cameron gave her the heparin. House asks Cameron if she also gave Jessica warfarin by mistake, which would explain the reaction, and Cameron is adamant that she did not. House asks Chase whether he saw Cameron prepare the heparin injection, and Chase says he was too focused on saving his job-- I mean, "preparing his own injection" to notice what Cameron was doing. House orders drugs to counteract the supposed warfarin overdose, and the Cottage walk out to the hallway, where Cameron and Chase argue heatedly until House comes out to yell at them to worry more about their patient than about themselves. Seeing as he is the one who created this hostile, competitive atmosphere in the first place, he really shouldn't complain.

Vogler wanders into Jessica's room as Foreman finishes administering the anti-warfarin medication. Vogler picks up Jessica's chart and reads the "warfarin-induced skin necrosis" diagnosis off of it, like, how is that even legal?! Aren't Jessica's medical records confidential? And, assuming she's in the ICU, he shouldn't even be allowed in her room at all! One hundred million dollars sure does buy you a lot of inaccuracies for the sake of advancing the plot these days. Vogler figures out pretty quickly that Jessica's current condition was caused by the doctors instead of by her heart thing, and then goes to work psychologically manipulating Foreman into turning against House, saying that House hates everyone and thinks he's better than they are. Foreman simply says that he respects House, but that he really wants to keep his job, and then Chase walks in. Secret meeting over, Vogler walks out. Chase tries to act cool and nonchalant when he asks Foreman what Vogler wanted from him, and Foreman lies that Vogler just wanted to know what warfarin was.

House finds Cameron in the lab, where she's aggressively trying to prove that she didn't do anything wrong. But she still has no idea what could have caused the necrosis other than a warfarin overdose. House tells her to let him know when and if she gets a clue, and Cameron angrily says that she is the only person who supported House when he screwed up. He asks her why she would do that, and Cameron answers that she's not "insanely insecure," and I think she included one too many "in"s there, possibly even two. She calls House a "misanthropic son of a bitch" incapable of trusting anyone, which is sure to help her keep that job. House asks her whom she would fire, and Cameron says that she would just cut everyone's pay so that they could all stay employed. House accuses her of finding a solution that makes everyone happy (except for the people who might not want/be able to afford a pay cut), when the real world doesn't work that way. Cameron, in turn, accuses House of stalling and refusing to face the issue.

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