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Hannah refuses the amputation, saying House promised her it wouldn't happen. Cuddy says they don't have a choice anymore. "It doesn't hurt right now. I can wait," Hannah says. Wait for what? Your other lung to collapse? More pieces of parking garage to fall on you? House arrives, much to Cuddy's disgust and Hannah's happiness. Team Legs is reunited! She asks him to tell Cuddy that her leg doesn't have to be cut off. Instead, House talks to Hannah. "We have to amputate your leg," he says gently. Cuddy and Hannah both look at him like, "say WHAT?" Hannah's still defiant, so House decides to tell her about how he hurt his leg. He had a blood clot and a lot of muscle death, so doctors told him the best course of action would be to amputate, but he refused. Instead, they did a "very risky operation" that saved House's leg but almost killed him. Hannah says the important thing is that he saved his leg. "I wish I hadn't," House says. I think that's the first time we've heard him admit this, right? Or at least the first time when he wasn't, like, on drugs or near death for whatever reason. Also, have we forgotten that House's limp and chronic pain happened because his botoxed girlfriend went against his wishes when he was in a coma and told doctors to surgically remove the dead muscle, thus leaving him with, as he calls it, a "mutilated useless thing" and chronic pain? Because while I understand his point that he should have gone for the amputation, it wasn't exactly because he didn't that he's like this now. It's because he gave his power of attorney to Stacey McFrozenface and she abused it when he was too unconscious to do anything about it. "It changed me," House claims, which is also different than what we've been told about pre-limp House, which was that he was cranky bastard then, too. But maybe he's just telling Hannah this and intentionally twisting the truth to make a point. "Made me a harder person. A worse person. And now ... now I'm alone. You don't want to be like me," House says, reminding her that she has a husband, friends, a life to live and a family to start. "This is just a leg," he says. I'll ignore the re-writing of show history because this scene was just so well done and so heartbreaking. Hannah agrees to the amputation. Cuddy makes a series of sad faces. House turns to her and says he'll the rough stuff. Team Legs: 1, Team Choppity Chop: 1.

After the break, it's just House and Hannah down there as House gets ready to remove her leg. He says he can't put her to sleep because it'll slow down her breathing too much. Okay, but chopping off her leg while she's awake to feel it won't?!?! This can't possibly be a better idea than knocking her out. House gives Hannah something that will "take away some of the pain," but I have a feeling it won't be nearly enough. Can't they at least get her good and drunk? Or give her some leather to bite on? Like they used to do before they figured out how to knock people out safely? "Will it be quick?" Hannah asks hopefully. No, it totally won't. House will have to use a scalpel to slice down to the bone, then switch over to a saw (one that hopefully works better than what they used to cut through that support beam) for the two leg bones. He says he'll cut off as little of her leg as possible, then they'll get her to the hospital and fit her for a prosthetic. "You'll be running circles around me in no time," he says. That's supposed to cheer Hannah up, but it's kind of sad since it's true. Not only would an amputated House be in less pain, but he'd probably get better able to move. "How bad will it hurt?" Hannah finally asks. "Like nothing you've ever felt before," House says. He holds Hannah's hand, except that his hand has a glove on it, so his caring gesture just contaminated the scene even more than it was already. Also, are they seriously just going to leave House to this with no one to make sure that Hannah stays still during it? Like they expect her to have control over her body while she's enduring, like, the worst pain she's ever felt in her life?

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