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I guess so, as we see everyone else up top, listening to Hannah's screams as House saws through her leg. It's a very fun time for everyone, I'm sure. At the end of the game, it's Team Legs: 1, Team Choppity Chop: 2. One-legged Hannah is taken out of the building on a stretcher. House follows, putting on his leather jacket but leaving his cane behind because of SYMBOLISM. Charlie-Come-Lately finally arrives now that all the hard stuff is done. "I'm so sorry," she says. What is WITH this lady? Her leg just got cut off and she's still apologizing? Charlie seems to be used to this, and tells her to "shut up." He said it nicely and all, but still. That was kind of harsh. Hannah ignores him and keeps talking, saying she knows Charlie loved her legs. He says he loves her, not her legs. Duh. Was she expecting him to say that he was having divorce papers drawn up right now and filing on the grounds of lack of complete legs? Please. Hannah says she loves him, too. Except I'm not sure if I believe that, since love means never having to say you're sorry and Hannah says she's sorry all the time. Cuddy and House watch them, then House follows Hannah and Charlie into the ambulance. He gives Cuddy one last look before closing the doors.

In the ambulance, House gets a call from the Cottages, because it's time to resolve the B-plot. Mr. Asshole's LP was clear, but he's in a coma. And he's surrounded by police officers, who were in the middle of questioning him when he passed out. House asks if Mr. Asshole was under stress just before any of his other symptoms showed up. Taub says he was - in the MRI (OF DOOOM!!), he commented about being claustrophobic, then his face started bleeding. Good thing Hannah isn't claustrophobic. That's like the only thing that could have made her day worse. She probably will be claustrophobic from now on, though. Just before Mr. Asshole's fever spiked, the Cottages apparently said something to him about how he probably did fall asleep on the job after all. Well, that was nice of them. House is so worn out from everything that he doesn't even get his Epiphany Face, just says that the initial cause of Mr. Asshole's first onset on symptoms - passing out at the controls of the crane - was caused by those caffeine pills he took. House's diagnosis is something called an arachnoid cyst on his lower spine, which only showed symptoms they mistook for a neurological problem when his blood pressure spiked during times of stress. House tells them to confirm it with a CT scan, but then has to hang up because Hannah is starting to gasp for air and her blood pressure is dropping.

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