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Anyway, I guess that proves that House is right and it's nearly impossible to fall asleep without warning like that unless you do have something wrong with you. House wants to send Mr. Asshole back to PPTH for diagnosing, but Cuddy says he'll have to wait for the more critically injured patients to get rides to the hospital. That sounds perfectly reasonable to me, but House ignores her and tells Foreman to "steal an ambulance." Really? Mr. Asshole's possible neurological disorder that does not appear to be life-threatening is more important than the victims of the crane accident that he caused? I think it's more like House is using this as an excuse to get out of crane victim duty and back to PPTH, but it doesn't work, as Cuddy orders him to stay on the scene. She sends Foreman back with Mr. Asshole instead. This makes sense to me, since Foreman's bad leg make it difficult for him to get around easily and House is able-bodied and thus a better choice between the two to do this. Oh, wait. Incidentally, that guy House said would die just did, indeed, die. Although I don't know if that's because House was right or due to the lack of medical care he received.

Cuddy said only 76 crane victims had been accounted for thus far, but apparently they're all in the PPTH ER, as opposed to, you know, a hospital in Trenton. Wilson is there, and his phone rings. Despite the fact that he's in the middle of tending to a guy with glass shards lodged in his forehead, Wilson immediately answers House's call. These people are such assholes. If a crane just fell on me and I had glass in my face and my doctor decided to have a chat with his best friend instead of treating me, I'd leave and go to St. Sebastian's instead, as its PPTH's rival and a far superior hospital. The important matter that House just has to call Wilson about is that he thinks something to going on with Cuddy and Lucas, based on the way she "paused" when he gave her the present. He thinks she didn't want to accept it because she knew she wasn't going to move in with Lucas after all. I think she didn't want to accept it because she thought House drew penises on all the illustrations and wrote nasty things about her great-grandfather in the margins. Which, by the way, we still don't know that he didn't do. Suddenly thirsty and out of quarters, House uses his cane to bust open a wimpy vending machine and steal a soda, like the building that crane fell into doesn't have enough problems without these wanton acts of vandalism. Wilson hears the glass breaking and fears something happened to House because he knows this is the season finale and House rarely escapes them unscathed, but House says he's fine and orders him to check with his realtor ex-wife to see what's going on with Cuddy, who still uses her as a realtor despite the fact that she knows she reports on everything she does to Wilson and therefore House. It's like Cuddy wants House to fuck with her life when she makes poor decisions like this.

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