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Help Me

House tries to relax with his soda in what used to be the building's lobby, but he is soon disturbed by a hollow, metallic knocking sound. He walks towards the noise and hears it again. House realizes there must be someone trapped in the rubble making the knocking sound and calls out for help. He gets the entire search and rescue team and their dogs on the scene, but they find and hear nothing, so they give up and leave, seemingly annoyed with House for the false alarm. House isn't ready to quit, though. He finds a pipe seems like the most likely candidate for the source of the knocking and follows it down to the partially collapsed parking garage. Without telling anyone where he's going. Because that's smart. Timmy used to do stuff like this on Lassie all the time and it never worked out well for him. Or he would tell someone where he was going, but it was stupid useless old grandpa, who would either forget, fall asleep, or go with Timmy and get trapped in the well or the abandoned mine or on Mountain Lion Mountain along with him. They never learned! House explores the area until a hand suddenly grabs his cane and scares the crap out of him. Way to not knock or say anything when the firemen were looking for you but have the energy to suddenly grab House's cane, crane collapse victim. It's a woman. "Help me," she titles.

After the break, House asks for her name. Apparently, it's Pleasemyhusbandsgift. How unusual. I wonder what country that name is from? Oh, no, wait - the victim just has a weird sense of priorities. Right now, she's worried that she won't get to the framers in time to pick up her husband's birthday present. House asks for her name again, but she's still talking about the stupid picture. Seriously, you've been stuck in a collapsed parking garage for hours and your leg is crushed underneath something and someone finally comes to rescue you and this is all you have to say? House has to be asking himself why he got stuck saving the weirdo. "I'm not asking your name because I want to become friends," he says; "I'm trying to gauge your mental state." Considering that all she wants to talk about his her husband's birthday present, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say her mental state is "bad." But that's enough to snap her out of it and she says her name is Hannah. She knows what day it is, although not what happened. House explains that there's a crane on top of her. He tries to pull her out from under it, but she screams in pain. Her leg is stuck. House says he has to leave her to get help. Hannah begs him to stay, saying she's sure "someone else will come." Um, yeah, Hannah. Like the zero people who have stopped by so far? Get real. If you want to get that picture from the framers before they close, you'll let House go and get you some help.

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