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The moment ends when Hannah speaks again, saying she always thought that if she treated people right and did the right thing, "good things would happen to me." Really, Hannah? You don't know anyone in your life who was a truly good person who did good things, only to have something terrible happen to him? Or do you think, deep down, that if something bad happens to someone, that person must have deserved it? Because that's kind of a childish way to look at life. It also fits in with this season's theme (or rather, the theme of the first and last few episodes of it), so it's cool. Hannah asks House for his opinion on the matter. He says he used not to believe in that kind of thing, but "recently" he tried to be a better person in the hopes that better thing would happen to him. He's still not sure if it worked. I hate to break it to him, but he really hasn't been much of a better person this season, nor has he really looked like he's been trying. Fire Marshall Bill suddenly enters with a bunch of equipment and "good news." Ah, the answered prayers of non-believers!

Taub and Hadley are stuck trying to stick a catheter in Mr. Asshole's vein to look for deformities. Taub would rather ask Hadley if everything is okay with her, since he has her physical therapy schedule memorized and so knows she wasn't there today. Hadley refuses to tell him anything and seems to resent his concern, but she does tell him that everything is okay and not to worry.

Hannah is entering the delusional stage of her injury, as she asks House if they can "be friends" when this is over. House offers to take her to a ballgame or a "group sex show." Don't knock it, House. I was once invited to see a group sex show when I was in Amsterdam. With my family. And I was like 19 but probably looked 15. When I pointed out that I was here with my parents and little brother, he offered us a group discount. We didn't take him up on the offer, but I'm just saying that it's not totally out of the realm of possibility if House and Hannah and Hannah's husband and even some underage kids were to take a friendship tour of Holland. Fire Marshall Bill wedges an airbag thing under the rubble that will hopefully lift the beam up off of Hannah's leg as it fills with air. Yes, a saw can't cut through that beam, so let's fight it with AIR. House prepares Hannah to feel some pain as the beam starts to lift off of her leg. They get it a few centimeters off of her leg and try to yank her out. She screams in pain as, predictably, the ceiling collapses on everyone.

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