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After the break, the parking garage has settled back down and House opens his eyes to find himself lying on his back covered in what appears to be sawdust but I guess is building material. Fire Marshall Bill has also survived the collapse, and he checks in with House before radioing for help while House looks for Hannah. She's covered in heavy pieces of wall but still breathing, albeit labored. House grabs Fire Marshall Bill's medical kit and instadiagnoses Hannah with a collapsed lung. Really? That building couldn't have dropped a piece on anyone else? It had to be Hannah? I'm starting to think that she's right about this karma thing and she did something horrible to buildings to deserve this. I'll bet that frame shop she was on her way to collapsed, too. House grabs a needle and jabs it into Hannah's chest to let the air causing her lung to collapse to escape and her lung to re-inflate. She's breathing better now, but still not in very good shape. House isn't doing so well either, as he's bleeding from a cut he sustained in the collapse. He tells Hannah he has to go get it looked at, so she'd better not freak out without him like she did last time. Hannah is too focused on trying to breathe to panic.

Back up top, Cuddy repairs House's neck wound and lectures him for putting himself in yet another dangerous situation, saying he's lucky the cut isn't worse. House says if he was really lucky, the building wouldn't have collapsed on him in the first place. Fair point. The Cottages check in on the phone to say the venogram came back clean, but Mr. Asshole now has a fever. House tells them to do an LP to look for infections and hangs up. Fire Marshall Bill walks up to tell them that the collapse ruined their chances of doing that airbag thing again. Cuddy thinks it's time to amputate. Ah, Team Choppity Chop is back in full effect! So is Team Legs, though, as House again refuses, saying they can counter the effects of crush syndrome by shooting Hannah up with drugs that will treat the elevated levels of potassium that crush syndrome causes. He thinks some insulin will do the trick. All they need to do is find a diabetic, which, given the current obesity epidemic in America, shouldn't be too difficult. Cuddy thinks it's insane to think they'll be able to figure out and administer the correct dose of insulin to a patient in a "non-hospital setting." But cutting her leg off in a "non-hospital setting" is a good idea? "It's not worth it," she concludes. Oops. "Really? Because I think I'm the only one here who knows what a leg is worth," House snaps, threatening to testify against Fire Marshall Bill when Hannah sues him for unnecessarily cutting off her leg. Cuddy asks Fire Marshall Bill to step away for a second so she and House can talk privately. She begs House not to put Hannah's life at risk just to try to get back at Cuddy. House is like, "really? Wow. So this is all about you now?" He has a point there ... but so does Cuddy. We have seen House put patients' lives in danger just to prove a point in the past. Cuddy says the fact that House took Hannah's side "against" Cuddy's amputation recommendation just after hearing that she was engaged is proof that she's right. House thinks it's proof that she's a "pathetic narcissist." Yeah, kind of. But so is he! Match made in heaven. Cuddy breaks it down: "I don't love you. So just accept it and move on with your life instead of making everyone miserable." Meanwhile, Hannah is kind of dying down there. But I guess House and Cuddy are too self-involved to care about that. House says he doesn't need life lessons from "a middle-aged single mom who's dating a man-child." And how would that be any different if she was dating House instead of Lucas? "Screw you," Cuddy says icily. But that's not all! "I'm sick of making excuses for you. I'm sick of other people having to tiptoe around you and make their own lives worse while they try to keep you from collapsing. I'm done." Well. As hard as that was to watch House hear I've been telling these people to say this to him for years now. House tells Cuddy to "stay away" from Hannah. Cuddy asks him if he really thinks it's worth it to risk Hannah's life to save her leg. "It really worked out well for you, didn't it?" she points out, now apparently on a roll of saying the things that she's been wanting to tell him for years. It gets worse: "what do you have in your life, honestly? Tell me. I'm moving on. Wilson is moving on. And you? You've got nothing, House. Nothing." True, but did she really need to say that? House is miserable enough without it being pointed out to him. Cuddy says she is going down to convince Hannah to agree to the amputation that will save her life, and if House has "any decency," he'll leave her to it. Ha! The joke's on you, Cuddy -- House doesn't have any decency. She leaves him looking like he just got hit with a ton of bricks. Like, even moreso than a few minutes ago, when he actually did get hit with a ton of bricks. I'm sorry the truth hurts, House, but it's not like you really care about anyone else's feelings when you tell it to them, so I don't know why I should feel sorry for you when you get a taste of your own medicine. But I do, because Hugh Laurie is that good.

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