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He returns to his office and takes a seat in his chair. He takes some little toy cars out of his bag, but before he can even think about giving them a shark to jump over, he jumps up from his chair as fast as his bad leg can carry him. He feels the chair and calls Kumar into the office. He blames him for the cat pee that he just sat in. "Blood on my face," Kumar responds. House says that blood was fake. Kumar doesn't say anything. His punishment is to pay for the dry-cleaning. Kumar nods and clearly thinks that was worth it. House leaves, and Hadley is in awe that Kumar just sort of got away with it. She figures it's because House admires a guy who stands up to him and who can get a cat to pee on a chair. "Yeah. A cat," Kumar says, looking especially bladder-empty. When did he get become so awesome?

On his way out, House sees Taub on his way back in, arms laden with pastries. What's the point of brining them in tonight? By tomorrow morning when everyone comes in to eat them, they'll be all stale and gross. House turns and watches a very defeated Taub sit down at the meeting room table, head bowed. He might feel bad for him for just a second before leaving. Debby, still in PPTH's possession, stares down at Taub, who looks like he doesn't know how things could get any worse. He doesn't know how lucky he is that he sat in a dry chair.

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