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Debby Downer

While Foreman and Hadley do that, Kumar and Taub observe from outside, all the better to discuss Taub's financial problems with. Taub says it's not the money he cares about, but the fact that he's now a different person than who "Rachel" married. Wait, what? I hope he's talking about the unnamed Mrs. Taub and not Cuddy's foster child. There are so many names out there -- couldn't the writers think of one besides Rachel? Kumar tries to make Taub feel better by saying that he didn't mean to say that Rachel is bummed because she only married Taub for his money, but because she married a "master of the universe" surgeon and now he's just a poor flunky. Taub raises his eyebrows, and Kumar attempts to recover by saying that Taub is a flunky for a man who saves lives, "so that's good." This is why Kumar has a hard time keeping friends. With that, Hadley comes out to announce that they didn't find any worms in Morgan's lungs.

Next thing we know, House is rolling a crash cart down the hall while the Cottages follow him and wonder what he's up to. He leads them into a room full of coma patients, and I'm sure they appreciate all being lumped together in one room like they're in an army barracks. Coma patients have absolutely no dignity on this show. House opens a drawer of the crash cart to reveal Debby. He's going to see if she can really predict death. He tries to claim that this is just to disprove it, but Kumar thinks House took the case just to have access to the cat because he really does believe in her. As for Kumar, he doesn't want to go anywhere near Debby, saying that cats' brains are always in alpha mode and the few tests on psychic ability that have any scientific merit have said that's where it takes place. House considers firing Kumar for believing any of this. I just want to know what they doped the cat up with to get it to stay reasonably still for all of these scenes. While Foreman encourages the Cottages to keep thinking of diagnoses for their human patient, House leads the cat around the room to all the coma patients' beds. Taub's diagnosis is that Morgan was having panic attack-induced laryngospasms that House just thought were bronchospasms. Foreman gets pissy at this, because he also heard the bronchospasms, so Taub is implying that he was wrong as well. That's what you get for ordering the Cottages around to think up more diagnoses, Foreman.

House puts Debby on another bed, and it flicks its tail in his face as he does so. But Hugh Laurie keeps right on going with the scene, because he is great. Meanwhile, Taub sees welts on the arm of coma patient who just hung out with Debby. Hadley checks the chart and notes that the patient has a severe cat allergy. House tries not to look too embarrassed as he shoots the guy up with anti-allergy stuff. In all the fuss, Debby has found a patient to lie next to. House reads this patient's chart, and congratulates Mr. Limpert for proving that Debby isn't the Grim Reaper by not dying tonight. He says Mr. Limpert has finally done some good for humanity in his pitiful and selfish life. Then he reads that Mr. Limpert was a fireman. House is wrong all the time today! With that, he sends the Cottages to test Morgan for allergies with something called a methacholine challenge. That sounds exciting.

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