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Debby Downer

House positions the ladder in front of the door to the meeting room. He's still wearing his coat, so I guess that's another bad luck superstition. I'm annoyed, because I just read that breaking a bird's egg is supposed to be bad luck. Who thought of that one? Bird-lovers, I'd wager. Or vegetarians. Screw them -- I like eggs. House orders the Cottages to send a pill camera down Morgan's intestines to find the tumor while he and Taub have a chat. On his way out, Kumar discretely tosses some salt over his shoulder and walks around, rather than under, the ladder.

Taub apologizes for being late without sounding all that sorry. House says he's been waiting for Taub to miss the money and the power of his old job since he hired him. Taub assures House he won't quit, and House says he's not worried about that, since Taub doesn't have the guts to quit this job. He didn't even have the guts to tell his wife he cheated on her until the guilt got to him. "Cowards make lousy employees," House says. Either Taub is a coward or he'll quit. "Either way, I'm screwed," House says. Then why hire Taub in the first place? House packs Debby into his bag and leaves.

Debby's lying on the coma patient's bed when House wheels Morgan in to see the proof that she can't predict patient deaths after all. I still can't believe PPTH has an entire room full of coma guys just waiting for House to take advantage of them. It's so wrong. Morgan checks the scene out and thanks House for trying to alleviate her concerns (that was kind of what he did, huh? It's almost ... nice. Weird), but she still believes in Debby, and chalks her miss this time up to confusion over her new environment. House isn't done yet, though. He tells Morgan about a man back in 1844 who convinced his followers to give up their possessions because Jesus was on his way at a certain date and time. The date and time came and the followers waited, but Jesus did not arrive. Undaunted, the guy figured that his math must have been wrong, and the followers and some of their friends stood around waiting the next month. Still no Jesus. They kept on and on like this, and every time the guy was proven wrong by the Jesus no-show, his followers continued to believe him and add to their ranks. Morgan says she knows House is trying to say she's just like them, but she still thinks he's wrong, Debby is psychic, and she is going to die.

House and his cat bag emerge from the room. Wilson is waiting for them, and asks House if he's trying to convince Morgan to stop believing in Debby so that she won't think she's dying, or because he likes tearing down people's belief systems. Obviously, it's the latter. Wilson says that's a great idea, since House is a "clear thinker" and he's obviously beyond happy. Why wouldn't Morgan want to be like that?

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