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The patient is now stable, and they have some more of her medical records dating back the last two years. There's no home address, though, since Victoria was unconscious when she was brought into the ER so they couldn't get it. And yet, they got her name, so...I don't know how that works. Victoria was recently given Prozac for depression, and I'd think feeling sad would be more of an effect than a cause there, wouldn't you? Wilson agrees that anyone would be bummed out if they had to live in a box in subzero temperatures. House says that maybe if they put her back on the Prozac, her outlook on life will improve and she'll stop biting people. Chase notes that Victoria has had two ultrasounds ten months apart, which would rule out a pregnancy. Wilson says that Victoria's first ultrasounds revealed nothing, and that she ditched the second one. They were looking for ovarian cancer. Foreman says that cancer doesn't account for any of Victoria's "alleged" symptoms. House says it would, if Victoria had neoplastic syndrome. Neoplastic syndrome is the new vasculitis. House orders an ultrasound.

On the way to the clinic, Cuddy asks whether Victoria had a brain tumor after all. House says that she didn't, and that he's really starting to wonder about that Foreman and his medical abilities. And then he's introduced to his latest patient, a mother of many disgusting children who apparently find great entertainment in licking each other, like, you might want to put a stop to that behavior before they enter the school system, Mom. House immediately fake-sneezes and says he doesn't want to give his cold to all his new patients. He hands the file off to Cuddy with a "buh-bye!" and takes off. Awesome. Watching those two try to outwit each other is probably my favorite part of this show.

Foreman enters the office to find his boss reading through Victoria's little comic book. House says that the storyline is very interesting, consisting of a bad guy named "Mr. Fury" who doesn't seem to have any special skills except being well-organized. He wonders if the comic gives them any insight into its author's personal history. Foreman asks House when he started to care about his patient's personal history. House asks when Foreman stopped. Is Foreman's dad, who may or may not be biologically related to him, homeless? Foreman says no. House asks what homeless person pissed Foreman off so much, then. I'm thinking it's the one who bit him so hard she broke the skin. That would piss me off. Foreman says the only home-related person pissing him off right now is House.

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